Nearly 100 years old people active stage conductor music, revolutionary predecessor Cao Peng brought what to keep young inspiration

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What do you know about centenarians?Most of them are old and decrepit, or at least not young, but maybe this man, who is nearly 100 years old, will change your understanding!Recently, the tsinghua University Shanghai Alumni Association art Troupe, with an average age of 75, appeared again in the evening of Internet Spring Festival. The audience was more excited by a nearly 100-year-old man, 97-year-old music conductor Cao Peng, who performed a song called love and Youth together, which let everyone witness what youth is not old and young forever.As an old man nearly a hundred years old and the oldest music conductor in the world, Cao Peng is still so active on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. He is radiant, energetic and full of passion. This youthful attitude and youthful vigor have shocked and inspired many of us who are older than adults.I believe many friends are curious about the secret of Cao Peng’s longevity and longevity.I think, Cao Lao must have a good living habit first, this respect is not to talk about because he is not an insider.I also discovered a lot of important youth secrets, according to online profiles.At the age of 80, Cao peng founded the Shanghai City Symphony Orchestra, the first non-professional orchestra in the Mainland, making symphony a daily part of Shanghai life.Cao Peng put the red scarf the children gave him when wearing a necktie on the body, said wearing a red scarf, can always be young.Cao peng also said: “Although my childhood has passed away, I still retain my snow temples and childlike innocence.For decades, I have never felt old with my lovely children.”2, Love for career Cao Peng is a national first-class conductor, he picked up the baton from 1944, has been holding the baton for 78 years.Cao Peng said, “I can conduct until I am 100 years old!You may have it as long as I live.”In 1985, Cao peng broke both feet. He was carried downstairs to the orchestra rehearsal every day, and conducted seven concerts sitting down.Since 2008, Cao peng and his band have held charity performances for autistic children for more than 10 years, using music to help autistic children out of autism.In 2020, cao peng’s family donated one million yuan to establish the “Wanxiang Cao Peng Charitable Trust” for autistic families.In 2021, Cao was awarded the National Model of Helping others.In 1944, the 20-year-old Cao Peng joined the New Fourth Army as the new Fourth Army art troupe commander, he often taught the soldiers to sing patriotic songs, but also braves the flames of war to the Anti-japanese front.Studying in Moscow in 1960, Cao held a concert of Chinese works and became the first person to introduce the Butterfly Lovers to the world.Cao peng said, “LIVING in a foreign country, I strongly hope to conduct a concert of Chinese symphonic works.”After returning to China, Cao Peng went to factories, villages, schools, troops…To popularize music for free.Many people are struggling to find the cure for health and the secret of youth.In fact, phase from the heart, disease from the heart, good attitude is the best health, but also the secret of youth forever.What is a good state of mind?Like Cao Lao, always keep a love, this love is the love of the country, the love of the people, the love of the cause, the love of the young!With this love, will be like the songs sing, “revolutionaries are always young, he is like a big pine tree evergreen in winter and summer, he is not afraid of wind and rain…”.(All pictures in this article are from the Internet)