International sharp comments | “NATO” don’t have to come back

2022-05-29 0 By

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) posted a photo of the LEADERS of the United States and Europe attending the NATO summit on its website on March 24, local time.Every detail of the carefully choreographed stance and camera Angle seems to send a message: “The old NATO” is back.America’s president, Joe Biden, was quick to declare after the summit that NATO was as “strong and united” as ever.Is that really the case?No amount of finery can hide the “crisis of legitimacy” and deep divisions within the world’s largest military alliance.As a product of the cold war, the “old NATO” need not come back!As Ken Stone, director of the Hamilton Truce Alliance, a Canadian anti-war group, puts it, NATO is an aggressive US-led military organisation that has long since ceased to exist under its own charter.For the United States, NATO is an important tool for bloc politics and a military tool for maintaining hegemony.Yet intractable differences between the US and Europe are bound to make it difficult for NATO to live up to its claims.Two years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that “NATO is brain dead”.He recently said he would not retract the claim.Take Ukraine.The U.S. and Europe share a strong stance against Russia, but their interests are very different.Dependence on Russian energy, in particular, is an insurmountable obstacle for Europe in the short term.In the past few years, Russia has been the eu’s top supplier in all three sectors: gas, oil and coal, accounting for about 40 percent, 27 percent and 46 percent respectively.That is why, when the US announced a ban on Russian energy imports earlier this month, the EU did not follow.Although the US and EU have agreed to buy at least 15bn cubic metres of LNG from the US by the end of this year, this will hardly fill the shortfall in Russian supplies to the EU.Therefore, the US commitment was evaluated by the media as “expedient”.For Europe, only by pushing for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis as soon as possible can energy security be truly guaranteed.America knows this, of course, but it will not rush Europe.The decisions taken at the NATO summit, whether to continue military aid to Ukraine or to strengthen military deployments in the Baltics, eastern Europe and the Balkans, will only fuel the conflict and prolong the crisis.It was cruel to the Ukrainians;For Europe, it would be almost an act of self-harm — not only would its citizens suffer from the inflationary pressures of soaring energy prices, but it would also disrupt the process of European “strategic autonomy”.What about the United States?It is still playing the role of “leader” in the Western world, pressing its Allies for “total containment” of Russia and tying Europe more tightly to its chariot to help it seek hegemony.As George Galloway, a former British MP, observes, “Just as America is prepared to fight to the last drop of blood in Ukraine, in the end it is prepared to fight to the last drop of blood in Europe.”America cannot dominate the world. Europe is “Europeans’ Europe”.Now, more than a month into the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, more and more people are asking themselves: Where did the Ukrainian crisis come from?What did NATO, a cold War product, bring to the world?Indeed, as far back as the 1990s, George Kennan, the former US ambassador to the Soviet Union, made it clear that NATO’s continued expansion against Russia “would be the most fatal mistake of US policy”.But Washington did not listen and continued to squeeze Russia as an enemy.In a sense, the current RELATIONSHIP between the US and Russia can be said to be a “self-fulfilling lie” by the US.Today, this initiator has no sincerity or will to promote a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis, and is still planning to bleed others for their own gain.Is such an America worthy of the trust of its Western Allies?(International Reviewer)