Zhangjiagou Reservoir entering design in Xiji County

2022-05-28 0 By

The project design of Zhangjiagou Reservoir in Xiji county includes investigation bidding. The reservoir construction site is located in Jiqiang Town, Xiji County.Including preliminary engineering design, construction drawing design and technical design and construction follow-up.Submit the preliminary design report 30 calendar days after winning the bid, until the final completion of the project acceptance.The new small type (I) iv reservoir has a total storage capacity of 3,266,000 cubic meters, including 350,000 cubic meters of silted storage and 2,916,000 cubic meters of drought emergency reserve storage.The project is composed of three parts: earth dam, water transport (drainage) building and road rerouting project.The dam body is a homogeneous earth dam with a height of 1,951 meters and a maximum dam height of 58.8 meters. The dam top is 336 meters long and 6 meters wide.The water transport (drainage) structure is set at pile no. 0+383.7 on the right bank of the dam body, which is composed of water tower, water tunnel, culvert, flow control and metering valve well, steep slope and damping pool. The water tower is 40 meters high, the tunnel is 310 meters long, the culvert is 40 meters long, the horizontal length of steep slope is 84 meters, and the energy dissipation section is 12 meters long.The traffic route within the influence area of the reservoir is changed by 0.49 km, 4 sets of gates and hoist, 1 transformer are installed, 1 km of 10 kv transmission line is set up, and supporting safety detection system, tunnel safety monitoring system, automatic monitoring system of sluice and reservoir information, etc.