We will deliver early results and expand effective investment in many areas to ensure steady growth

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This article was transferred from;Shanghai, February 18 (Xinhua) –Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Youzong, Gong Wen, Lu Yu Yi after the Spring Festival holiday, the construction of a number of major projects around the development of the tiger tiger angry.As the external environment becomes more complex and severe, and the domestic economy faces the triple pressures of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectations, many places actively expand effective investment and accelerate the formation of physical workload.A comprehensive survey of investment plans and project progress across the country shows that new infrastructure, new track layout and improvement of people’s livelihood have become key investment directions.At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the construction of major investment projects across the country.The construction site of the world’s Top Scientists Forum is busy in lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.At present, the 228,000 square meters of construction area of the project has completed the structure of the roof, into the fine renovation stage, is scheduled to open in October this year.Actively expanding effective investment is an important way to stabilize the macro economy and promote economic development.The Central Economic Work Conference proposed to moderately advance infrastructure investment.According to the anhui Provincial government work report, Anhui will strive to increase fixed asset investment by more than 10% in 2022.This was not only higher than anhui’s expected GDP growth target of “above 7%” for that year, but also higher than the province’s fixed-asset investment growth in the previous year.In addition to Anhui, Liaoning, Henan, Guangdong and other provinces have set fixed asset investment growth targets higher than their GDP growth for the same year.At the beginning of this year, construction began on the fourth phase of the Expansion of Shanghai Pudong International Airport.The project mainly includes a terminal area, a flight area and a passenger rapid transit, and is expected to meet the annual passenger throughput of 130 million in 2030.”Today’s infrastructure investment is a strong support for tomorrow’s urban economic and social development.”‘Moderately advanced infrastructure investment is an important part of expanding effective investment,’ said Wang Huajie, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission. ‘It is also an inherent requirement for strengthening existing economic advantages and strengthening future development momentum.’At present, the northeast is freezing, but the project construction has “hot start”.On February 8, the construction of the CNPC Jilin Petrochemical Company transformation and upgrading project, with a total investment of 33.9 billion yuan, was launched in Jilin City, Jilin Province.After the implementation of the project, under the premise of maintaining the same crude oil processing capacity, the enterprise will increase the production of high value-added, high performance and low energy consumption chemicals by about 2.8 million tons every year, which will effectively promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain of the old industrial base.”The transformation and upgrading project of CNPC Jilin Petrochemical Company is an important measure to promote the transformation of Jilin refining and chemical business from fuel to chemical products and organic materials under the situation of major changes in the current refining and chemical industry and market development trend.”Petrochina Jilin Petrochemical Company executive director Jin Yanjiang said.To expand effective investment, the guarantee of capital factors is the key.Special bonds are one of the government’s policy tools to boost investment. The Ministry of Finance has set a quota of 1.46 trillion yuan in new special bonds for 2022 to local governments in advance, helping to accelerate the formation of physical work.In Jinan, Shandong province, construction is under way for the Jiluo Road tunnel across the Yellow River, one of the largest rail tunnels under construction in China.In January, Shandong province issued 78.938 billion yuan of special bonds to support infrastructure construction.Of this, about 1 billion yuan will be invested in the bridge and tunnel project across the Yellow River.Fan Yuntian, chief accountant of Jinan Urban Construction Group, said: “Special debt funds arrived in time, about 5 to 10 times the social investment, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, played a timely role.””Shanghai will ensure the completion of the 2022 local government special bonds issued in advance by the Ministry of Finance in the first quarter, and disburse the funds to project units in time according to the schedule, and strive to complete all the local government special bonds issued in the first half of the year,” said Hua Yuan, director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission.Local investment plans and project progress have taken on many new features. New infrastructure and new track performances have made people’s livelihood more solid and powerful.– New infrastructure projects are thriving.Among the annual investment and construction targets put forward by various regions, new infrastructure represented by 5G stands out.According to the work report of the Jiangxi Provincial Government, more than 10,000 5G base stations will be added in 2022, and the pilot project of gigabit optical fiber access and application will be promoted.In light of local industrial characteristics, some localities have also focused on strengthening weak links in new infrastructure.Shanghai has proposed that it will issue implementation suggestions this year to promote the infrastructure construction of electric vehicle charging and switching.According to the plan, Shanghai will have a charging network to meet the charging needs of more than 1.25 million electric vehicles by 2025.– Seize new tracks and foster new drivers of economic development.The first phase of THE SMIC Port base project with an investment of over 50 billion yuan was started and the Medtronic Heart Disease Management technology industrial base was settled.Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai has made great efforts to build up strength for future development by further laying out “new tracks” in industries such as integrated circuits, biomedicine and artificial intelligence.According to the report on the work of the Sichuan Provincial Government, great efforts will be made to develop green and low-carbon industries in 2022 to promote comprehensive green transformation.Focus on clean energy industry and accelerate the complementary and integrated development of water, scenery, gas and hydrogen.– Accelerating urban renewal, giving priority to investment in people’s livelihood.In 2022, guangdong province will raise and build no less than 250,000 indemnifying rental housing units (units) in 2022, and start rebuilding over 1,000 old residential areas in cities and towns.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai will build and raise more than 470,000 units of affordable rental housing.67,000 units have been built in 2021 and 173,000 units are scheduled to be completed this year.Shanghai will promote the distribution of more housing resources to five new cities, industrial parks, rail transit stations and other areas.(Participating reporters: Duan Xu, Wang Yang)