Tongli National Wetland Park, known as the “ecological kidney” of Suzhou, is not well known

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Speaking of Tongli in Jiangsu province, the first thing people will think of is the ancient water town with white walls and black tiles.As everyone knows, there is another natural primitive jungle 12 kilometers outside the ancient town, which is tongli National Wetland Park, known as the “ecological kidney” of Suzhou.When you enter the park, you will see wetlands, tall forests, thick bamboo sea, and flocks of wild birds.Zhou Wei took his family into such a pure natural oxygen bar, away from the complicated city, completely empty themselves, but also give children a chance to walk into nature, understand nature, feel nature.Cold remnant leaf photographed in Tongli, Jiangsu Province.According to local tour guides, the tongli National Wetland Park covers a total area of 1142.7 hectares, with the wetland coverage rate reaching 88.52 percent.There are freshwater lakes, herbaceous marshes, forest marshes and other wetland types.The park has built metasequoia forest, bamboo garden, loquat garden, fish pond and other tourist attractions.Some people may ask why tongli has such a large area of primitive jungle?It started a long time ago. According to historical records, Tongli area was originally a vast ocean, and gradually became an inland swamp with the formation of Taihu Lake.Later, farmers settled down and planted crops in the area. At that time, Tongli National Wetland Park was called Xiaodian Lake.Then, in the 1960s, the dense wetlands became infested with schistosomiasis, a ghostly parasite on snails that began to wreak havoc on people and livestock.Due to the poor medical conditions at that time, many people and animals died.In order to eliminate these pests completely, it was decided to bury the entire Xiaodian Lake.At that time, the educated youth who went to the countryside and went up to the mountains here planted the forest on the landfill land by hand.After more than half a century of growth and protection, it has not only formed a wetland forest, but also formed its own animal and plant ecological system.Walking into the wetland park, you can see green everywhere.A flat stone road leads to the depths of the bamboo forest, and you can’t seem to see the end of it.This season is when bamboo shoots stand out, hits the tall bamboo shoots not only make children feel curious, many young people who have not seen bamboo growth also feel very curious.Past the bamboo forest, ahead is a lush, darkening forest with rows of metasequoia trees and camphor trees.The tall and dense woods are also the best shelter for birds. It is said that 165 species of birds live here, 79 of which are under provincial protection.It’s also a great place to watch birds.Of course, you can also take a traditional Soviet-style paddle boat at Ginkgo Wharf, and go boating in this pristine wetland.The landscape on both sides of the river changes, as if back in time, back to its original simplicity, as if isolated, only the jungle and the fighting birds.Such a large area, such a beautiful environment, but the ticket price is only 20 yuan, maybe it is little known, few tourists in the scenic spot.When it comes to weekends and holidays, the first thing parents think of is taking their children to the amusement park. However, they ignore that their children are actually more interested in nature.Everything here has so much unknown, so much novelty, so much warmth……Go into the nature, feel the nature, embrace the nature, come to Tongli National Wetland Park, you and your children will love this place.