Taiyuan Xinghualing District bureau investigation illegal claims effect cosmetics

2022-05-28 0 By

Recently, Taiyuan Xinghualing District market supervision bureau combined with cosmetics “online net line clean source” special action, in the area of the organization of suspected illegal claims to promote the growth of eyelash effect cosmetics investigation and disposal work.Xinghualing district bureau of cosmetics business units to carry out an inspection, requiring any involving unqualified and suspected of illegal declared cosmetics, immediately ordered the relevant business units to stop sales, deep investigation into its purchase inspection and other circumstances, found illegal behavior to be investigated in accordance with the law.At the same time, adopt the way of network investigation, investigation on the area has mastered the 8 cosmetics shop, did not find suspected of illegal claims to promote the growth of eyelash cosmetics.The council on strengthening the supervision and inspection at the same time, to develop good cosmetics such as the new regulations, the new way to stable cross work, urge guide cosmetics enterprise learning “cosmetics supervision management regulation”, regulate legal business, earnestly fulfill their obligation to incoming inspection record and create a good social work atmosphere, to ensure the safety of the people with makeup.(Cho Ching Ching)