I was afraid of the dark because I hadn’t read this book

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Mom, I’m afraid of the dark!Mom, don’t turn off the light when you go to bed!Every child will be afraid of the dark and dare not face alone, the night is really terrible?”Child, when You Were Sleeping” this children’s picture book with a unique style of painting for children to show a vibrant night.You might meet your mother on a night shift, see owls, bats and hares, and see a stream running to the sea.By Mick Jackson, formerly writer-in-residence at the Museum of London, who has written and directed award-winning short stories for the BBC;John Broadley, a finalist for a prestigious children’s book award, is an ingenious illustrator with a knack for elaborating on small details.The book was named one of the 10 best picture books of 2021 by The New York Times.From books, children can better understand the quiet and colorful night, which is like a quiet and friendly friend, leading children to welcome the new dawn.Still don’t know how to soothe your child because he’s afraid of the night?Children, While You Were Sleeping can help you explore the rich and peaceful world of the night with your children, help them use their imagination and overcome their fear of the night.Learn to celebrate the New Year