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After the third grade in primary school, we can contact practical writing. We often receive parents’ questions about how to write practical writing. Today, WE sorted out seven types of practical writing for you, hoping to help you.1.”The “leave note” should be written in the center of the first line.2.Write your salutation on a top line followed by a colon.3.The third line of space to write the body, to write clear reasons for leave and start and end time.4.After the text is written, write a message.5.Put your signature back on another line.6.The date should be on a separate line below the signature.In addition: the message, the form of a request for leave and the same.Miss Zhang: I caught a cold when I swam in the swimming pool yesterday. This morning I had a headache and a fever.Mother took me to see the doctor, the doctor said THAT I need to stay in bed for two days, so I want to ask for leave for two days.Please approve.The leave request is clear and clear, pointing out that I can’t go to class because of a cold and a fever, so I want to ask the teacher for two days off.The whole request for leave is complete in content and clear in structure.Notice 1.Write “Notice”, or “urgent notice”, or “notice concerning…” in the middle of the first line to draw the reader’s attention.2.The body should be a separate line of space, write clear time, place, events, who to invite, what to pay attention to.But be brief and to the point.3.When the body is finished, write “notice” on a separate line.4.Write the unit and date of the notification in two lines at the bottom right of the text.5.The notified unit or person may appear in the text, or may be written at the top of the first line followed by a colon.The chorus of our school has decided to participate in the National Day party held in the cultural palace of our city. Please gather at the gate of our school at 7:00 a.m. on October 1st.All team members are requested to attend on time.Notice is hereby given.School chorus Comments on September 29: This notice is written in strict accordance with the notice format.It is clearly pointed out that the notice is sent to all members of the school chorus, and the content of the notice also contains the time, place, reason, etc. The format is correct and the whole notice is concise and clear.Diary generally in the first line of the right to write a day, a month, a day of the week, can also write the day of the weather;Then the second line begins with two blank Spaces to write the text. Sometimes you can also add a heading to your diary to point out the main content.The Mid-Autumn Festival September 30th Sunday fine As night fell, the glow of the sunset gradually disappeared into the sky, and a full moon rose, spreading soft light over the earth.Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for family reunion, but I could not smile.Back to last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, grandpa’s house is very lively, four generations under one roof, happy and harmonious.At the family reunion dinner in the evening, a big round table was filled with people.Grandpa and grandma sat right in the middle, grinning from ear to ear.We took turns toasting our grandparents and saying good wishes.The most interesting is my little niece, she was just more than a year old, even can not speak fluently, but also to toast, just a “grandpa” on the shout for a long time, made everyone laugh.I was so happy that I finally jumped into my grandmother’s arms and laughed so hard that I held my stomach and cried ouch.As my grandmother smoothed my back, she told me not to snort.How happy everyone was then!Looking at the still sumptuous dinner, my mood is very complicated, because I lost the most love my grandma.This Mid-Autumn festival, the atmosphere at home is also a little serious.I guess everyone is missing grandma just like me.Now, I finally realize the meaning of this sentence “every festive season times.”This is the first Mid-Autumn Festival that grandma left me.Last year today, grandma sat among us, the kind smile vividly remembered;Last year on this day, I couldn’t get out of my head the image of me falling into my grandmother’s arms and laughing.Last year today, everyone has had a rest, and grandma came to my bed, help me cover the quilt, whispering “don’t catch a cold at night”…Thinking about thinking about, my tears like open floodgate flood, pentium and out.People have joys and sorrows, the moon waxes and wanes.Hope in this special day, in the kingdom of heaven grandma can receive my blessing.Comment: The Mid-Autumn Festival should be a time for family reunion, should be full of happiness and warmth, but the small author has realized from another Angle the special meaning of “the moon 15 moon is round” : this is a sad festival, this is a festival full of nostalgia.The beginning of the article renders a bleak meaning for us, while in the second and third paragraphs, through strong contrast, it sets off “my” feelings of missing grandma. A set of parallel directions pushes the young author’s feelings to a climax, which is moving to read.After reading or feeling is generally first lead, write what read at the beginning (can include title, author, content outline, etc.), and write their overall feelings with concise language.Then it is to discuss (feeling), this is the key, on the basis of quoting about the key content or main sentence analysis, contact their own study, life and other aspects of the actual situation to talk about feelings.The last is the conclusion, that is, the summary of the full text, always talk about feelings, experience, the end of the full text, concise and powerful.The way to write the impression is the same as the feeling after reading.Read “juvenile leap soil” have a sense of reading “juvenile leap soil” this article, I thought of their own……In the past, my home was not far from the school, and I could also go to play with my friends during the holidays.At that time, I lived happily every day.Later, I moved, moved to Yangjiaping Jiulongpo district, here is very close to the zoo, my mother said from the window to see the zoo.At first, I was very happy, but gradually I felt very lonely, I was confined in a small home, like a bird lost its freedom.As a teenager, all I wanted to do was play!I hope I can like leap soil, can go out of the house to play, like free birds, like carefree white clouds as free!In the past, the teacher praised my composition is very good, rich imagination, that is because I have a rich subject matter.If there is no subject matter, the composition I write is very ordinary.So I hope parents all over the world can let us children who are locked in the house have the freedom to go out like leap earth.Leap earth is a well-informed, very cheerful child.If leap earth were locked at home, would he still be a well-informed and happy man?No, never!How many people in the world are happy at home?Leap earth is a clever man.I believe that every parent wants their children to be as knowledgeable as leap earth, so please don’t shut the children in the home, let them go out more, learn more knowledge!Comments: article beginning concise appropriate, the small author read “juvenile leap earth” after the contact with their own, feel the loss of freedom is not happy.When talking about feelings, he did a detailed and slightly appropriate, with a prominent focus.The ending is just right to the heart.The whole article is full of childlike language although childishness makes people think deeply.Generally speaking, primary school students can have such experience, making people sit up and take notice.The written content of letters is generally composed of six parts: address, greeting, text, eulogy, signature and date. The basic format is: 1.Call it.The salutation should be on a separate line, followed by a colon.2.Greetings.Greetings should be written on a separate line with two Spaces.Greetings should not be long, so that the recipient feels friendly, polite.3.The text.Write on a separate line what you say to the recipient, what you want to express, etc.4.I wish chanting.You should write “best wishes” or “Greetings” on a separate line with two blank Spaces, and then write “good health” or “salute” on the top of another line.5.A signature.Write a separate line at the bottom right of the letter.6.The date.Write a separate line under your signature.A Letter to Miss Yang Miss Yang: Hello!Writing letters is not new to me, but I don’t know where to start writing letters to teachers, especially to you, who are teaching our class.Miss Yang, you are my favorite and most admired teacher.As a head teacher, only you will get along with us day and night, care and understand us.You know us, and we know you, because we’ve seen with our own eyes, whether it’s a cold winter or a hot summer, you’re always the first to walk into the classroom to greet us at school, and the last to walk out to see us home.You not only take us to play the game, but also let us learn a lot of knowledge in the game.In the class meeting, you let us bravely express their opinions, let us understand the precious friendship, pure.At Christmas, you like Santa Claus to give us gifts, and we play games, let us know that you and us as a child.In the small photo exhibition, you let us exchange photos with gifts made by ourselves in order to exercise our ability.You smiled happily as you looked at the creative gifts we made.In our festival, you put down the teacher’s shelf and we play happily, you do not know, at that time you like an amiable big sister next door.Miss Yang, you never hate the poor students, but in class patiently explain the topic to them, with your help, those poor students have made progress.You are sick for us, but still insist on our class, you said to pay for us how much is worth it, as long as we have progress is the best return for you!”Silkworm to the death of silk, wax torch ashes tears dry”, Yang teacher you like the burning candles, spinning silkworm as unknown to the dedication, but not in return!I wish you good health and smooth work!Students: XXXapril 3 comments:In the letter, the young writer describes the daily trivial things, such as playing games, holding class meetings, Christmas, holding photography exhibitions, etc., showing that Teacher Yang is always for the sake of students, carefully teaching everyone, but the hope is only “we” progress of the simple quality, expressed “MY” love and admiration for Teacher Yang.At the end of the letter, Yang praised her dedication by quoting the poem “Spring silkworms run out until they die, wax torches turn to ashes before tears dry”.And the small author in the letter clever use of parallelism this rhetoric, “in the class meeting” “in the holy festival” “in a small photo exhibition” “in our festival”, concise and affectionate to introduce the teacher Yang to the students meticulous care and care.The letter had a strong impact.Endorsements are divided into three parts: 1.The name.Write “Praise” right in the middle of the first line.2.The text.Make it true, complete, and concise.3.Inscribe.Write the writer’s name and date in two lines in the bottom right corner.Write the title of the proposal first, then make it clear to whom the proposal is addressed and what the specific proposal is, and finally include the name of the person who made the proposal and the date it was written.Proposal Respectful citizens: Everyone good!I am a sixth grade primary school students in this city, living happily in this beautiful city, has more than 10 years of time, is also the city’s citizens.Every month, I continue to tread on the notes of life, to observe every corner of the city, from flower fairs to small scenes and things in life.If you look closely, you will find their beauty, but also their weakness.Such as our beautiful campus, when the class lang Lang sound of reading, but listen carefully, not only the sound of reading, but also the crying of the tap, even if there is a reminder of the slogan, but for some students, as if this is an empty word, still go its own way.So the faucet wept alone there.In fact, as long as we pay attention everywhere, do our best, there will be no “crying faucet” and “sleepless lights”.Such things are small, but natural resources are limited, limited resources will not regenerate, and maybe one morning, those taps will no longer run.Resources, is the gift that the earth gives us, is the root of our existence, without them, how can human life?So, start with every little thing around you, protect resources, start by turning off the tap.Sponsor: XXX**** **** (circle card has been added here, please check it on toutiao client)