Ghost destroy the blade: the original shangxian two exactly who strength and yi Nest seat about the snow female

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Ghost out of the blade in the final words because of the child grinding active and appearance, let a lot of the audience is very curious, because children’s mill in the memory of six elder brother, was the identity of the first quarter of six, while the child at this stage is the second top chord, so curious thing is that, the original string, who is the second, also to the specific analysis and explain.Grinding, 12 second top chord of ghost month, six of the original winding, the ghost of ice, all bliss to teach, this is the foundation of setting, children’s mill by the age of 20 and miserable encounter, because its character was no bad phase become the ghosts, hundred years ago, six child bent or grinding, through rearrangement after a bloody battle, successfully defeated the original winding two and promotion for the first quarter after another,And the present stage of the six brothers and sisters, successfully replaced their own become the new six.That is between the first quarter of the ranking, it is can be eliminated through strength against transposition and refresh, and through the dialogue, master and no bad struck for the first quarter of record in the 130 years before, and the inside of the top chord transposition is not calculated in ghost killed here, their own content, so between the first quarter,The result is that the loser is simply killed and devoured, transformed into the power of the winner.In this respect, black mou’s experience also confirmed that there were three ghosts who challenged black Mou. In addition to the yi nest seat, the others all died, that is to say, two of them got cold without showing their faces. The yi nest seat was lucky and was spared by black Mou.Yi wo seat why not hit the original two and directly hit black dead mou, the reason is also easy to think, because the yi wo seat does not hit a woman, so the probability of the original two is a sister.And combined with the losers will be absorbed by the winner, this explanation is reasonable, the move of the mill is given priority to with ice, the grinding and child had intended person is different, how to also think that was the type of frost, so this is big probability absorbed originally on two tactics, with his ability to strengthen, so a speculated that feeling on the set,Yi Nest after all is still human when, its fiancee is in love with snow, so for child grinding so to the woman’s hands of fun people, yi nest hit the bottom of my heart is normal aversion.