Four recommended self-drive travel destinations in South Korea

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Winter vacation our family sat on the plane to South Korea, in South Korea, we not only saw the beautiful scenery of South Korea, tasted the South Korean food, in order to save time, off the plane we will drive to the scenic spots of our first stop!First, Jeju Island we came to the beautiful Jeju Island, which is an island city, surrounded by the sea, the blue sea is very beautiful, here we visit the local famous scenic spot “Sunrising Peak”.Located in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula, between the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea, jeju island covers an area of 1,845 square kilometers. Jeju island not only has unique island scenery, but also has the unique folk culture of the Ancient Danra Kingdom. The island’s tourism and aquaculture industry plays an important role in South Korea.Natural Landscape Crater Mountain is a volcano with a circumference of more than 2 km and is a protected nature site.It is 650 meters in diameter, 100 meters deep and 2,070 meters long on a flat land southeast of Jeju City.Seen from the air, it looks like a man-made circular stadium.The plant species here is very wide, the north grow temperate trees (red thorn tree, red nan) and precious winter strawberry.To the south of the crater is a typical temperate forest (western wood, maple, simatsu, etc.).In the limited space of the crater, there are also a variety of trees with different properties, which are highly regarded academically.There are many scenic spots on the mountain, such as stone entrance, stone pool, crater and so on.Mount Halla, which rises 1,950 meters above sea level in the middle of Jeju Island, is the symbol of Jeju island. It is also known as Yeongju Mountain, meaning the mountain is so high that it can catch the Milky Way.Mt. Halla was designated as a national park in 1970, and is surrounded by 386 parasitic volcanic peaks (oryeong in the local language).Halla Mountain has its own characteristics in four seasons and changes with the seasons. From the top of the mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery of seogwipo coast.Located on the coast north of Jeju City, Yongyongam is a rock formed 200 years ago after lava erupted and cooled down. It is 10 meters high and 30 meters long. It looks like a dragon living in the Dragon Palace suddenly turned to stone when it was about to fly into the sky.It is because one end of the rock resembles a dragon head that it is named dragon head rock.There is also a legend about a dragon who tried to ascend to heaven but failed, so only the body of the dragon remained on the rock, and the dragon head was shot down by lightning during a typhoon.There is a dragon pool about 200 meters east of longtou Rock, which is said to be the place where dragons play, hence the name Of the dragon Pool.The water in the pool is crystal clear.Jeju’s famous sea women are working under the sea. A 10-minute walk from the coastline is a small cafe village. A few years ago, there were only one or two sashimi shops, but now there are many cafes, porridge shops and restaurants.The Lilliputian theme Park is located on Jeju Island, a famous tourist destination, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with more than 100 models of famous buildings from more than 30 countries, including The Forbidden City in Beijing, Tower Bridge in London and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.There are also exhibition Spaces for Jeju stone culture, folk beliefs, and dinosaur fossils.The theme park with unique design is not only a cultural space for viewing, but also a place for tourists to participate in activities.The so-called concentrated theme park is to reduce people and buildings in a certain proportion and display them in an orderly way to give people the most intuitive visual appreciation.Lilliputian theme park in today’s world, has high artistic value, and attracted the attention of the park builders.The Teddy Bear Museum was built to showcase teddy bears that have been loved by people around the world for 100 years.Teddy bears from all over the world can be seen in the two galleries.Visitors can also enjoy museum shops, western restaurants and an outdoor park with a view of the sea.The pavilion can be roughly divided into the history museum and art museum, and the planning exhibition hall.The next day, we went to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where we visited the “Gyeongbok Palace”, where is the ancient royal palace of South Korea.To the east of Gyeongbok Palace is Gunchunmun, to the west is Yeongchumun, and to the north is Shinmumun.Gyeongbokgung Palace has geunjeongjeon, Thought jeon, Kangnyeong, Tongtaejeon, Cikyung, Gyeonghoi-lou, Xiangyuan pavilion and other pavilions.Geunjeongjeon, the main hall of Gyeongbok Palace, is the largest wooden building in ancient Korea and the most magnificent.Gyeongbokgung Palace is magnificent and magnificent, among which the palaces still retain the splendor of the past.The first palace was built by Lee Sung-gye, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty, in 1395. It was one of the five great palaces of the Li Dynasty, covering an area of about 50 hectares, with more than 200 palaces giving off an extremely rich and luxurious style. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Japanese invasion of 1592.It was rebuilt in 1868 and consists of several large buildings on 40 acres of land.The larger building in the palace, —- Geunzhengdian, used to be the seat of the imperial throne and the place where the king held the enthronement ceremony and the court hearing.Built on a huge artificial lake, Qinghui Lou was the guesthouse where the king hosted banquets for his courtiers and foreign envoys.The next stop is Lotte World.It is the largest indoor amusement park in Asia. When you enter, you will know that it is not only indoor, but also indoor and outdoor amusement equipment. There are many amusement facilities that we do not have in Chengdu, such as snowy houses, hot air balloons, Sinbad adventures…I sit the “pirate ship”, and similar rolling train rides, quite exciting, sit down and I feel giddy, I also took a “balloon”, my mother and I looked down and sit on it, the following people into the dwarfs in the Lilliput, against the beautiful buildings and colorful lights around, like a fairy tale kingdom, beautiful!It is a super entertainment city integrating entertainment and culture, with the theme of adventure and mystery “Lotte World Adventure” and the magic island on the lake “Neverland”, with all kinds of amusement equipment.There are also folklore halls, grand hotels, cinemas, indoor swimming pools, indoor skating rink, bowling alleys, members-only sports clubs, department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers and so on.We came to the beautiful Korean Chinatown, the ancient atmosphere is fully permeated with this garden, beautiful murals, depicting the story of the three Countries.There is a statue in the garden. I didn’t expect it to be Confucius, a famous writer in China.Speaking of which, are you moving on the screen?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!If you like, please remember to click “like” + pay attention to oh!