Breathtaking moment!The man’s body suspended, yuhang two auxiliary police unarmed rescue

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According to yuhang public security news: “now talking about this matter, my heart is still thumping!”The rescue in the early morning of March 29, Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua are still terrified, although two people in the police station for some years, encountered a lot of rescue assistance, but such a thrilling rescue scene, or the first encounter.Around 0 o ‘clock in the morning, yuhang District public Security bureau liangzhu New City police station received an area residents reported: a dispute in the home, request processing.After receiving the police, is carrying out night patrol work nearby auxiliary police Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua past hair rushed to, a few minutes, they came to the police residents of the community.When they passed a building in the community, they looked up and found a man lying on the third floor window, his feet have been suspended, another man is holding his hands, the two seem to be arguing.After seeing this, Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua broke out in a cold sweat.”Save the people first!You report with duty room once, another family dispute lets colleague deal with!”Hu Chen with Qian Zuhua said straight to the incident unit downstairs, and Qian Zuhua followed, while reporting to the duty room for support.Two people quickly ran to the residents downstairs, but found the security door locked, unable to enter the house.Fortunately, the landlord, Ms Yang, opened the door after hearing a knock on the door.Ms. Yang saw the two panicked and said: “Quick, on the third floor, I just called the police, you come fast!”Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua did not dare to stay for a moment, went straight to the third floor, in a room window found two men arguing, I saw the man outside the window, his feet have been hanging in the air outside.Seeing the man in the house is about to hold on, Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua a forward to pull the man’s arm and clothes outside the window, three people crowded in the narrow window, for fear of a let go, the man will fall down.But at this time, the man outside the window is still struggling, three people a few times, it is difficult to pull people up, we also feel the hand more to eat.At this point, a tenant next door in a white T-shirt came to help.”Don’t move, just calm down and tell us everything…”Hu Chen shouted out a few words with difficulty, and the man outside the window finally stopped.After pulling for a minute, Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua seized the opportunity and clenched their teeth, “1, 2, 3…”With all their strength, they finally pulled the man back inside.Hu Chen and Qian Zuhua felt their numb arms and heaved a sigh of relief.After understanding, rescued man called small Du (alias), 23 years old.That night, Du and his brother were drinking in their apartment, and then they had an argument about life. Du, who had been drinking too much, went to extremes and decided to take his own life.Fortunately, his brother’s eye trouble and quick hand held him back, giving the police time to rescue him.Police then arrived at the scene, to small du patient persuasion.Du’s mood also slowly calm down, said he would not make radical behavior, and thanked the police for their timely assistance.(Written by Liangzhu New City Police Station)