BLG officials have announced that Uzi is taking a break, but despite all the speculation and speculation, Uzi has baffled everyone

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Uzi’s comeback to now, all kinds of speculation and discussion and public opinion have not broken.The reason is that BLG has not been willing to go on Uzi and did not make an announcement, which finally led to all kinds of speculation and public opinion.The hottest thing is the small group fight.Now that the spring season is over and the playoffs are just around the corner, people are wondering if Uzi will make the playoffs.After all, Uzi hasn’t played hanbok for more than ten days since his last match.Sure enough, today the BLG finally made an announcement that shocked everyone.Uzi also reposted the announcement. Rest and rest.No one could have imagined such a result.With this announcement, Uzi is probably out of the playoffs, and most likely already gone.In fact, the above announcement is not too rigorous, the spring game constantly run in the attempt is not right.Because after the New Year, Uzi played half a day of practice games before playing IG, and the rest of the time was live.I played one day on March 7th, and I played V5 on March 8th. I played half a day or one day training match on the previous day and played the next day.There will be training matches from March 9th to 11th and EDG on March 12th.Uzi’s account never went online again on The 13th.That means uzi will only have 6 days of training after the year, 7 days at the most.You call six or seven days of training a trial run?Commentary 10 has been receiving hair:….Narrator CAT sent a question mark.Aftercream hair refueling ah!Waiting for you.Guan Ze yuan is directly sent:…Speechless.G2 Esports Club: So, when will we meet again……G2 is still obsessed with god.Yutong: I bloom in soybeans, just like the flowers that live in Bengbu.And strawberry is more direct, direct sent this line is disgusting, goodbye to you.Looking at most of the comments, everyone’s comments are basically the same.It’s about wishing the BLG a playoff round, and then finally not having to watch a BLG game and expect to hear about substitutions.This is a record breaking event in LPL history.Is the real powder black powder passers-by, as well as players and reconciliation have made the explosion of the club operation.Official announcement of comeback, a variety of posters, their own live platform, suddenly emerged a group of OBUzi game broadcast room, relying on Uzi to pull a large number of traffic.And the clubs have brought all kinds of nausea to fans and passers-by.For a player who doesn’t play well in training matches, the performance on the court is not so bad.The announcements, the practice games, the number of games he’s been given this spring are beyond comprehension.It’s only natural to turn people off.It would be a joke if BLG were really a playoff round.Annual big price, annual round of travel, this year is offended a group of passers-by powder.Flow and results, not the same to eat, in the end is the club will not operate, or really so serious.It is conceivable that after today’s announcement, the platform, which used to be BOUzi’s live broadcast room, will also be greatly reduced and will return to its original platform.Currently trending searches and forums are discussing which team Uzi will join in summer.Many people have offered to join WE or JDG, but I think WE can really give it a try.One is the old strong team, there is a foundation in the second is WE spring competition results are ridiculously poor.Third, Uzi won the gold medal in the Asian Games with Xi Ye.The two might work well together, and at least not as badly as they did in the spring.Cap might even win the summer championship.Fourth, thanks to Uzi’s participation, WE fans can once again reach the peak of 6 billion yuan and be fused by GSL and Passer-by fans.Finally, WE’s fans went straight to number one.Uzi can also prove himself with the results, not that he is not good, but really do not give training matches, do not give the opportunity to play.At the end of the day, Uzi and WE both win, it’s the best thing to do.Finally, a word from the heart.Anyway, let’s hope Uzi gets a chance to play. It’s disgusting to take such a big risk to come back and end up with the same mascot as the factory director.Respect the veteran, after all, before he did not choose to return, live income and public opinion and influence, has been the peak.Now the comeback not only did not have the opportunity to play, live even cameras are not open, the atmosphere of the broadcast room is not as good as before.Alas, always hope the veteran will have a good result.Uzi, in particular, has a lot of traffic, and fans, black fans and passers-by, want him to keep playing.Win or lose, at least life will have some fun and something to talk about.Come on Uzi!For more exciting content, follow Liu Sanseciao