Automobile air conditioning rear row outlet is why use

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No matter we are in the car, or driving, in the car we will find that there are air conditioners in the back of the car, the air conditioning air outlet in the back is what to use?Why is the presence so low?Is it chicken rib configuration?In the case of hot days, car air conditioning can quickly help the car inside the driving and passenger cooling, if there is no rear air outlet, the direct result is to affect the rear passengers can not quickly enjoy the air conditioning.When the air conditioning is too high, the passengers in front may shake their legs, while the passengers in the back are still sweating.Therefore, for such a cold and hot demand is not uniform contradiction, equipped with a rear outlet is really a good way to solve the problem.And if necessary, the front air conditioning air outlet or the rear air outlet can be closed separately to meet the needs of people with different physical conditions for air conditioning.Why is the air outlet in the rear row of air conditioning so low?Because the interior space is relatively small and the air conditioning system circulates efficiently, the air temperature can drop quickly.In addition, in the process of vehicle acceleration and deceleration or cornering, due to the effect of inertia, the flow of air inside the car is very large, which is why in daily driving, we can feel when the vehicle turns in the car will “blow” the wind.The flow of these air, so that the original carriage of air can be more rapid and thorough heat exchange.Therefore, the temperature of both front and rear seats is very close to that of cars with small compartment space.In addition, the vast majority of medium-sized cars and small cars, although the rear air outlet is increased, but there is no corresponding improvement of the maximum refrigeration capacity of air conditioning, the more air conditioning air outlet number, the refrigeration effect of a single outlet is worse.Therefore, the coolness of the rear row does not depend on whether the rear air outlet, but on the overall refrigeration effect of the automobile air conditioner.So how does an air conditioner cool?The outdoor air drawn in by the axial flow fan flows through the condenser, taking away the heat released by the refrigerant and condensing the high-pressure refrigerant steam into high-pressure liquid.The high-pressure liquid is sprayed into the evaporator after passing through the filter and throttling mechanism, and evaporates at the corresponding low pressure to absorb the heat around it.At the same time, the cross-flow fan makes the air continuously enter the evaporator between the fins for heat exchange, and sends the cooled air after heat release to the room.Among them, the air-conditioning evaporator is the key.The reason why high-end and luxury cars are so effective is that they often add extra air conditioning evaporators to improve their cooling capacity.But in compact and small cars, the rear air outlet is increased, but the air-conditioning evaporator remains the same, resulting in the rear air outlet is a chicken ribs configuration.Summary If it is more pay attention to the comfort of the vehicle, we might as well in the affluent, buy some expensive models, generally in high-end models will have independent air conditioning Settings, and the temperature will not interfere, the comfort of the vehicle will be significantly improved.