An old woman who lives by the sea gets up early and takes a walk every day, leading a slow and delicate life

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An old woman who lives by the sea gets up early and takes a walk every day, leading a slow and delicate life.In this world, there are many happy things, can live according to their own mind, choose their own pace of life, is also a kind of happiness.Open today’s article to share, to the readers of friends is a Japanese grandmother living in the sea to share the life of the sun.Despite her white hair, the years had been very gentle to her, and her grace still left a deep impression.I like the quiet life of a small seaside town, living here in a simple wooden house, and waking up early every day allows me enough time to plan my morning.You can even pick up your bags and go for a walk on the beach, and live your life slowly and delicately.Decades of good habits, so she used to get up a little earlier every day, open the doors and Windows of the room, the sea wind mixed with wet and fresh air in, the whole person suddenly feel refreshed.Keep the love of life, from the front of the morning time to open, cook a cup of boiled water for yourself, with boiled water to clean up the morning intestines and stomach, is also a part of a healthy life.Although she has reached the age of white hair, she still has requirements for her figure management and refuses to be greasy or fat. Every morning, she will stand on the scale and record her weight for the day.This attitude of life, but also let grandma win their own old age decent.Good body management is also the embodiment of health in old age.She also uses this healthy light diet in the morning.Serve a cup of yogurt with a fresh fruit salad and brew yourself a cup of freshly ground coffee.Eat simply, eat delicately, in front of their favorite tableware, the beauty of food followed to enhance a lot.She likes the slow pace of life. In her old age, she can still maintain love for the present life and live in a leisurely manner, which is really wonderful.After breakfast, do a little grooming, fix your hair, pick out what you like to wear, and head out for a walk on the beach.The sea wind blows by, as if all the troubles are carried away by the sea wind.Choose your favorite thermos, take a cup of tea with you, sit on the floor and drink it slowly over the ocean.How could such a morning not excite?A Japanese grandmother living by the sea has made her old age come true with her slow, delicate pace of life.After reading the above article, I also hope that this exquisite slow life can bring you a good reading experience.May we in the slow pace of life, to achieve self beauty of life.