Against the Blazers?Did Westbrook’s “forward and reverse” outburst decide the Lakers’ game?

2022-05-28 0 By

The Los Angeles Lakers are 2-4 on a six-game trip, dropping to 24-27, below.500, and a ninth-place finish in the Western Conference that could hurt their playoff prospects.Obviously, this is not the true strength of the Lakers. The main reason for their failure is that the key player lebron James has been unable to contribute because of a knee injury, and the quick return of Anthony Davis and the fitness of Westbrook have not been enough to keep the lakers winning.So far, the lakers are 4.5 games behind the sixth-place Nuggets in the Western Conference, which is not untouchable, but the lakers are among the best in the league and need to hold their own or risk being swept out of the playoffs.There was no room for a loss against the Blazers, who have been consistently playoff worthy in recent years but have struggled this season, losing four of their last five games.The Blazers, with Lillard, little, Zeller and Nance all sidelined with injuries, give the Lakers a very good chance of winning, and they need this win to bolster their confidence, or else they will collapse on the rest of the schedule.The two teams have played each other twice this season, and we have to admit that Westbrook is going to be the game-changer.If he bursts forward, his combination with Anthony Davis could easily win, but if he bursts backwards, the outcome of the game is really unknown.At present, the Lakers’ overall defensive efficiency has dropped to a low point because of consecutive defeats. Therefore, they should not simply continue to rely on the team’s defense to entangle their opponents, but find a new way to drive the initiative of defense with strong offense.Monk has become increasingly important to the lakers, and his offensive firepower can sometimes rival that of an All-Star player, so vogel needs to figure out how to pair Westbrook with Monk to share some of the pressure with Anthony Davis inside.The lakers would have been in a tough spot if they had gone their separate ways.Westbrook’s form has picked up a bit lately, and the Lakers are better off trusting him than indirectly quitting.Anthony Davis is likely to play.In fact, Anthony Davis is not completely better, he also has a sore right wrist, however, the lakers official injury report, Anthony Davis is listed as probable to play.To be fair, if James doesn’t play and Anthony Davis doesn’t play, the lakers’ prospects even against the Blazers aren’t clear.In fact, Westbrook has also led the team this season highlights, now that James is sidelined, hopefully he can again show that he can help the Lakers keep their home court.Vogel is known to have some issues with Westbrook, but with the lakers in their current form, you have to trust him to win.With a win, the lakers can at least strengthen their ninth-place finish, or they can rest for the season if they continue to fall.