The three made fun of eason Chan for their first kiss on screen, while Ah Sa for “Goldfinger” and Andy Lau for no feelings

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When it comes to singing, Eason Chan is definitely a god, but when it comes to looks, he’s a little more ordinary.But when it comes to porn, especially on screen, it’s definitely an enviable existence.# Goldfinger ## Because They are Friends # In “Because They are Friends” program, Joey Yung, Ah Sa, Ah Gjiao formed the “sugar triangle sisters”, three people talking about the screen first kiss to who, unexpectedly is the same man – Eason Chan.Eason Chan film works are not many, this result is really unexpected, some netizens in the bullet screen area shouted: I want to be Eason Chan!As the saying goes, “three women play a drama”, besides joey Yung, Ah Sa, a jiao three women, but also a Chen to join, natural drama is constantly.Joey yung’s dream is to be a woman, so the four of them go to a martial arts film filming site, imitating the fire cloud evil god, using such as the Buddha palm to teach The Sa, Gillian and Chen Michelle.A few beauties play tired, then sit down to rest, it seems that the play is still not enough, and then talk about the most want to cooperate with the actor.Men love to talk about women, women love to talk about men, it seems that the big stars are the same, Joey Yung asked: “If you were given a chance to fake love, which male star would you most like to play with?”Gillian first answer: “Kaneshiro takeshi.”Alsa said she has many idols, many of whom have co-starred in the film.Michelle Chen has chosen Andy Lau without any hesitation. When she says “Andy Lau”, she looks very cute.Joey Yung talks about kissing, saying: “I kissed Nicholas Tse once!”Ah sa saw this “nympho” appearance, interested to ask: “is it the first screen kiss?”At the thought of his first kiss on screen, Joey Yung’s face seemed to wake up from a nightmare, as if he had stepped on stool. His eyes, nose and eyebrows were all screwed together: “My first kiss on screen was Eason Chan.”Voice, A SA, A Jiao actually said in unison: “I am also.”Then together long long “yi” 1, “we three are, good poor ah!”Michelle Chen is trying to make things right: “Eason Chen is great too.”Joey Yung responded quickly: “I’ll give it to you.”Michelle Chen certainly won’t take it because she has Andy Lau in her heart. Pointing to Sa, michelle Chen says: “I heard that you and Andy Lau just shot a scene, and there is a love scene!”He folded his hands and pretended to be angry.A sa hurried to explain: “just that play and Andy Lau no feelings play, is with Liang Chaowei.”Now it’s Joey Yung’s turn to be unhappy. Tony Leung is his idol.Although a sa did not specifically mention which drama, but Andy Lau, Tony Leung chiu-wai and a SA cooperation, and is just finished filming the film, naturally Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu-wai starring, has not yet released the new “Goldfinger”.Although Alsa had a romantic scene with Andy Lau in “All About Love”, this time it is not Lau’s Love interest in “Goldfinger”, which is somewhat disappointing for fans.Sa asks Chen Michelle: Have you ever played with Andy Lau?Michelle Chen has a sad look on her face.Michelle Chen has been in love with Andy Lau for many years, just like Jia Ling has been infatuated with Andy Lau.From the first time on the same stage, standing beside the idol, the atmosphere dare not out of the slanting eyes to steal aim, to the stage and the stage enthusiastic interaction.At an award ceremony, Lau said, “I love you,” and quipped, “I’ve been a star for more than 30 years, just to wait for you!”Michelle Chen is responding with both hands.At that moment, she is chasing star Andy Lau’s most successful woman, smiling eyes narrowed like two round crescent moon, reflected on every hair tip have happiness light.Now Andy Lau is 61 years old, Karena Lam, Wan Qian, Ni Ni, Liu Tao…Wait, more and more actresses have finally realized their dream of working with Andy Lau for years.Michelle Chen, as an experienced fan artist who has been loyal to our idols, please come on!