Korean wave of big Chinese chess players can always chew move!Park Jung-hwan 150 hand speed defeat in the top!

2022-05-27 0 By

Go Korean wave has deeply affected the performance of Chinese chess players, but in other words, the Korean wave is not the best time to prove ourselves?Last year, Korea’s top two ranked players in advance were Shin Zhen and Park Jung-hwan.In advance, Yang Dingxin lost to top player Shen Zhen in the opening round of the LG Cup, but Chinese players still managed to produce remarkable performances in difficult matches.There is a match, Pu Jung-hwan quickly defeated the Chinese general, improve the morale of Chinese chess players, who can be in Pu Jung-hwan’s mouth?After a few simple moves, the two players split the board in two for a short time, with White on the left and black on the right.After a simple layout, the two players are in a scuffle on the upper right, while White prepares a novice for the test. However, in actual combat, black is defeated by one move behind the enemy and has no chance to fight back.Is White betting from round 33 that the upper right corner is a live move?In fact, the situation can be a simple one where Black takes the corner and White extends to the midsection.After 30 moves in this way, White is fighting for small pieces of territory, and the hands are constantly in trouble.After more than 50 hands, White took off and sought to cope with the situation, but white was very tight.In the middle game, black has more options to deal with, but this is just one of the changes, and black will hold white all to the right and gain power in the middle.Continue to fight, after black in a simple test, the two chess players focus on the right again, and finally become the winner of this match.Two chess players have opened the mode of killing, the situation of black because of the first hand, will soon kill all white, white can only see in the middle of the entanglement, at this time, black has already mastered the situation of victory.In the middle of the game, the two chess players only carried out dozens of moves, because white is too weak to continue.So black wins out of 150 or so.For more exciting content, come to miss Lei 76