Hangzhou metro Line 3 construction site set off a rush of work

2022-05-27 0 By

In the early morning of February 14th, the construction site of SG3-12 standard project of Hangzhou Metro Line 3 project of China Railway No.7 Engineering Bureau was brightly lit, and all kinds of mechanical operations of excavators, truck cranes and pump trucks were constantly roaring, a busy scene.According to hangzhou’s overall deployment requirements of “welcoming the Asian Games and ensuring the opening of traffic”, the section of this project is a key project of the 2022 Asian Games and has received high attention.In order to spare no effort to ensure the node tasks, the project carried out the labor competition activity of “15 days to win the decisive victory, sprint to protect the node and win the ending battle”. More than 600 construction workers fought for the front-line posts, all of them worked together to forge ahead, and set off the rush for construction and entered the sprint stage.In order to win the final battle resolutely, leaders at all levels visited the site to inspect and guide the work, went deep into the construction line, understood the remaining construction period nodes and human resources allocation of the project, told all staff to fully understand the difficulty and complexity of completing the task, and must do the subway project well with high standards and high quality.At the mobilization meeting, representatives of foreign cooperation teams made statements one after another, set up the “military command”, and organized to increase the site of more than 400 workers rushed into the field, while the project department increased the input of mechanical equipment resources, to ensure the smooth completion of each node.Facing the huge pressure and urgent situation of the current construction period, considering the current shortage of labor resources, multi-unit cross-operation, continuous rainy weather and many other adverse factors.Project into full play without, initiative spirit, strengthen communication and coordination with various units, and actively provide manpower and material resources in order to speed up the construction progress and technical aspects to provide strong support, to form the multiple operation construction at the same time, the time point for site construction personnel sent to lunch and dinner, two coach site early pick up late sending, race against time,Adopt “5+2”, “white plus black” 24-hour shift work mode, effectively ensure uninterrupted operation.In order to grasp the construction period and schedule and ensure the completion of the project on time, the project department has formulated a detailed plan of work rush and reverse scheduling and implemented it strictly.Led by the project manager, the heads of all departments and team members of the project provide on-site service 24 hours a day, hold a meeting every day to summarize the work of the day, solve practical problems on site, sort out the tasks of the next day, implement the task consumption system, and correct deviation of daily sales number.At the same time, pay close attention to the site management, management of each member in sections, increase the frequency of site inspection and inspection, avoid the occurrence of quality and safety accidents caused by blindly rushing construction schedule, and effectively boost the project progress.In order to successfully complete the goal of “welcoming the Asian Games and ensuring the opening of the railway”, the SG3-12 project department of Hangzhou Metro Line 3 of China Railway Seventh Engineering Bureau is making every effort to promote the resumption of work and production after the Holiday. All the staff are working hard day and night to resolutely win the final battle.For the next step, China will continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and fulfill its targets with high quality and safety.(Liu Fuxiang)