Five Tigers welcome New Year with an immersive “Culture Year”

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The old year, the New Year.In this special festival endowed with the meaning of reunion, although the forest firefighters can not get together with their relatives and friends because of their responsibilities and missions on their shoulders, but they are all warm by the “New Year flavor” in the team.How to have a relaxing and rich cultural year?Inner Mongolia autonomous Region forest fire brigade to grass-roots fire rescue personnel “Spring Festival cultural activities” in the heart.After some careful design, planning to invite loyalty, forge ahead, strong ability, harmony, warm heart “five tiger generals”, to carry out the “first-class blue flame guarding northern Xinjiang, five tigers welcome the New Year” series of cultural activities, to accompany these stick in the motherland’s northern Xinjiang “night watch” together to welcome the New Year.Pasting Spring Festival couplets, watching Spring Festival Gala, garden games, making new wishes, these seemingly ordinary Elements of the Spring Festival, with the joining of reading club, sharing meeting, watching movie, cloud New Year, will have the unique charm of forest fire culture, the following small series to see, how they immersed in this “cultural year”!Loyalty tiger brings elegant garden reading classic blue flame recite loyalty for the team more than 3200 rescuers long-distance synchronous launch the flag-raising ceremony, from the egina iminqak on to the greater hinggan mountains forest hinterland, with magnificent national anthem, the salute to the five-star red flag, motivates staff with brand-new posture, inspiring spirit and more full of enthusiasm to open a new journey, new as show.Xilingol league area team, la shan alliance group into the reading room, open the reading APP, take the intensive reading of business books, reading classic books, the reader interested in books, the combination of organization “New Year chang read classics, blue flame eternal loyalty” theme online and offline communication group 18 mass reading activity, the use to instead of “lying flat, with performance interpretation of loyalty.Endeavour tiger New Year movie once not long into the future of chifeng city team, team training battalion to “New Year movie once, not long into the future” as the theme movie activities, organization to watch, “I and my country,” “the long jin lake” “railroad hero” 3 films, such as “I am a film critic” activities online more than 20 games,Strengthen the sense of participation of all staff in watching the film, guide all staff to learn strong party spirit, learn to believe in responsibility, and use the camp radio, blackboard newspaper, window to publish and broadcast the feeling of watching the film, so that everyone in the imprompence edify sentiment, boost morale, inspire morale.About chifeng city detachment firefighters Huang Yan during the Spring Festival, we watched the movie “long jin lake” together, watching, I dry my eyes unconsciously between instantly, they are the real heroes, they can endure the cold, carrying a rifle, in the cold wind, willing to ice sculptures, also do not want to quit, they would rather sacrifice oneself, also want to complete the task,They have the courage to charge, dare to fight with the enemy, this great and optimistic spirit, this selfless dedication, all from the martyrs for the new China’s love, and for everyone’s vision and desire for a better life in the future.We, as the new era of fire and rescue personnel, should also study hard, hard work, to be able to live up to the lives and blood of the martyrs who died 70 years ago.In particular, as a “night watchman”, we should learn the heroic spirit, play an exemplary role and contribute our greatest strength to the cause of forest fire fighting.Team training brigade instructor Xue Wei Changjin Lake “let a person see blood boiling, exciting, tears.The movie “Jangjin Lake” is a true restoration of the exciting history of the resistance to the United States and aid to Korea.”Ice” is the most let a person shock due to war emergency, cotton-padded clothes to a serious shortage of quantity, the ninth corps in the case of lack of clothing to eat less, long journey the cold area, with snow even climb ice lie thin clothes in ice and snow ambush ten days and nights, long jin lake of cold is that you can’t imagine, the company in order to block the escape of the enemy,Hidden in the snow, the whole company froze to death on the ground. Until the last moment, the hero still maintained a fighting posture with his arms firmly in his hands.Now the mountains and rivers sound, peaceful and peaceful, those most lovely people, but will stay in that piece of ice and snow life, just have our happy life today.We were born under the national flag, long in the spring breeze, eyes everywhere for China, five stars shining for faith, people have faith, the country has power, the nation has hope.As Chinese youth, we should care about the motherland, shoulder the heavy responsibility and serve the motherland.Can strong tiger looks new ‘blue’ dream weaving and powerful set new hinggan league team focus on the construction of high quality team, the goal of forging high quality mobile rescue team, combined with previous “good forest fire story” theme activities, widely solicited from bottom to top the widely circulated in the team and with distinctive times tag model deeds,We held 12 story sharing meetings with the theme of “Ringing out the old year and ushering in the New”, guiding all fire and rescue personnel to inspire new ideas and set new goals in the New Year.Whether once “motenlin warriors” zhang legend, is now the beautiful island, dry squadron and first-class contributor zhen-fei zhang, the emergency of the strait, a person, to the loyalty into veins, the responsibility to carry on the shoulder, his belief into force, moment practice “can be strong for me, dare to win” clank of the oath.Harmonious tiger aimed at first-class orientation, cohesion of three yukon tiger air greater hinggan mountains team relying on the “blue flame on the ice and snow festival” and “, a group of a characteristic of a brand “characteristic culture activities, organizations at the grass-roots level fire rescue workers produced more than 40 on the snow ice sculptures, more than 160 papercut, flat backing machice, depict the characteristic such as handicrafts, fireman greatly enriched the cultural life during the Spring Festival,Promoted the cultural construction quality of the detachment.The special service team carried out “aiming at the first class New Year, gather strength three battles to cultivate tiger spirit” theme art performance, invited resident artists to visit the team and to write Spring Festival couplets in the form of the transfer of Spring Festival greetings, Tongliao city detachment coordination resident Wulan muqi jointly held the Spring Festival party,Professional performances such as song and dance “Red War Robe” and song and melodrama “The Snow in Tongliao Is Not Cold” will be staged in the 2022 Spring Festival Gala and online Spring Festival Gala.Jia Ziang, commander of emergency communication and vehicle Service Brigade, performed well in the Inner Mongolia Guardian large-scale cultural variety show “The Great Wall”. While creating a rich professional cultural atmosphere, all levels achieved a good situation of interaction promotion and internal and external win-win situation.To carry out “I guard the lights of thousands of homes, a letter to send true feelings” cloud home team co-education activities, all levels of strict implementation of the epidemic prevention requirements, the whole team invited 100 family members to the team with firefighters to celebrate the New Year,”Xing ‘an New Year flavor” words peace, “cloud happy New Year” to send blessings, “warm connection” Lao, “a letter home” good news and other 10 integration of emergency management, forest fire, regional folk culture in one of the characteristics of cultural activities loved by grass-roots fire rescue personnel.On The New Year’s Eve, the Hulunbuir detachment made dumplings together with the hospice and invited the Resident Russian ethnic group to complete activities such as “beating the liba”, sending care and warmth to the majority of fire rescue workers and the people.Video: Xu Xudong