A 14-year-old girl from Dongguan has held her fourth piano solo concert and played with international performers

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(world music network comprehensive reports) little musician from guangdong dongguan Wang Jingxin on February 5, 2022 at 7:00pm ushered in (5) at the beginning of the fourth piano solo concert in her life, the “green Aficionado ChangYin Wang Jingxin a piano solo concert was she in the world’s first online solo concert music network broadcast studio.The concert was a spectacular one, with heavy weights and representative pieces.The performance begins with a sonata by Beethoven, a giant of the classical period, which is a classic example of Beethoven’s early sonata.Next comes Schubert’s piano sketch, Opus D946, which fully embodies schubert’s romantic feelings and is very emotional and has been retained by many masters.Liszt’s works are composed of brilliant techniques, which is a touchstone for every musician. In this concert, Jingxin will play Liszt’s “Super-technical Etudes” and “Rigoletto”, bringing you to appreciate the charm of the king of piano.In addition, the ancient Chinese song “Three Lane of Plum Blossom” and French composer Debussy’s “Happy Island” are also included in the repertoire of the performance.What is particularly worth looking forward to is that Jing Xin has also prepared a recombination work — a very classic Opera of Shostakovich for violin and piano. The melody of this work is exceptionally beautiful, and it is widely spread with rich expressive force and beautiful music.On the evening of December 16, 2017, wang Jingxin’s Multi-media Piano Recital was performed in the Experimental Theater of Dongguan City Culture Center for public benefit. The multi-media concert was not only rich in content, but also adopted multi-media effects, allowing the audience to have a deeper understanding of the style and content of the repertoire.The most exciting part is that Jing Xin performed Mozart’s last concerto, Piano Concerto No. 27 in B Flat Major (K595), with an electric organ ensemble. This concerto is called “Mozart’s Spiritual Testament”.A video recording of the 2017 multimedia piano concert was added after the solo concert on The evening of February 5, 2022.Stay tuned!In addition, Wang jingxin held “I See the Light” piano recital in Studio 1 of Dongguan Radio and Television Center in 2015, and performed on large-scale stages such as Yulan Theatre and Culture Weekend for many times. On April 25, 2017, wang Jingxin performed “Hungarian Dance music” with international pianist Tian Jixin in Yulan Theatre.Participate in Voices from the World multi-media piano concert at Dongguan Culture Weekend Theater on March 8th, 2019.May 11, 2019 at the Dongguan Culture Weekend Spanish piano poet Leon.Maria played as a guest at the concert.On October 19, 2019, he acted as an important actor in the large-scale piano multimedia concert to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China held at The Magnolia Grand Theater.At the age of 14, Wang Jingxin is cheerful and loves life and music. She has been interested in reading, sports and traveling since childhood. These interests and experiences have greatly enriched her music world.Wang Jingxin five and a half years old to start from the piano department of guangzhou xinghai conservatory of music Du Min Dr Hill and his wife gaudi g teacher learning piano, many times to participate in the piano competition, and obtain the outstanding result, here are Wang Jingxin award-winning experience: 2015 “flying dreams” dongguan city’s first art education results in the children’s piano competition first prize contest.In 2016, won the gold medal of Children group B in the 11th Hong Kong International Youth Art Festival Guangdong Division of 2017 Macau International Art Open;In December 2018, passed the King’s Band 8 examination with excellent results;On December 8, 2018, yamaha Piano Cup — “Flying Dreams” Won the special Gold Medal for Children in Group A of the Fourth Dongguan Art Education Achievement Competition Piano Competition (the first prize);In 2019, won the best Talent Award of Group C of Piano Primary School in the 8th Guangdong Youth Art Competition;In 2019, won the first prize of Piano solo in Dongguan Primary School Students Solo Solo Dance Competition;In 2019, won the first prize of the second Dongguan Youth TV Piano Competition in 2019;In 2019, won the first prize of the 2nd Open Group of the 28th Chopin International Children’s Piano Competition (Dongguan);In 2020, won the first prize of group B of youth in the 29th Chopin International Children’s Piano Competition (Dongguan);In 2021, won the first prize of Dali Piano Art Festival and the First National Piano Competition Dongguan Division of Juvenile Group A, Chinese Works Group D;In 2021, won the first prize in The Liszt Group and the first prize in the Free Selection Group A of Chopin Memorial Award International Piano Open Competition in Dongguan;In 2022, won the first prize in Open Group B of Chopin International Children’s Piano Competition (Dongguan);In 2022, won the first prize in group C of the 10th Steinway National Youth Piano Competition in Dongguan.Wang jingxin says that in the past eight years, she has gained knowledge through study, gained training through recitals and competitions, and most importantly, gained happiness through music!She hopes that she can become a “happy piano boy” in the future and continue to absorb “nutrients” in the sea of music.