Those matters that the municipal people’s Congress deputies care about

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Wang Jinping, Deputy of the Municipal People’s Congress:”We have transformed from a traditional coal enterprise into a high-tech enterprise, and become one of the new specialized enterprises in the autonomous region. During this process, the government has given specific subsidies to the enterprise, which has promoted the enterprise to achieve rapid development,” said Ordos, Feb. 13,The city’s people’s Congress, Inner Mongolia blue fire Banquet technology environmental protection company chairman Wang Jinping told reporters.Wang Jinping, deputy of the Municipal People’s Congress, suggested that the government should classify the special use of specialized and special new funds, set up special people for counseling, and set up special funds for directional services.For example, in the link of clean and efficient utilization of coal, it is hoped that the government can provide more policies to support the development of relevant enterprises, and in the process of using funds, it is more inclined to specialize in new enterprises.At this year’s two sessions, Liu Chunguang, deputy to the municipal people’s Congress and secretary of the Party Committee of Xinizhen, Hangzhou Jinqi, brought suggestions that “adhere to the strategy of rural revitalization and focus on the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry”.Bring the municipal representative chun-guang liu based on an adapted to the development of rural, chun-guang liu on behalf of the hope in the future, as well as rural revitalization work farming and animal husbandry industry development road, superior departments can continue to give an adapted support, make an adapted farming and animal husbandry industry continue to become bigger and stronger, on the one hand, advance the improvement project for the construction of the meadows, promote an adapted the development of beef cattle industry.On the other hand, we will continue to promote the harmless treatment of sick and dead animals and further strengthen the concept of safe and healthy development.”As a grassroots deputy, I feel a heavy responsibility. After the two sessions are concluded, I will convey the spirit of the meeting and work hard to implement all new measures to benefit the people,” he said.Liu Chunguang said.At this year’s two sessions, the construction and building of “smart community” has once again become a hot topic of discussion among deputies.Wang Siqing, deputy of the Municipal People’s Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Party and Mass Service Center of Altenxil Town, Ejin Horo Qi, suggested that the community should continue to strengthen the construction of the “15-minute convenient living circle”, constantly optimize the business environment, and vigorously improve the level of public services.We will make effective innovations in the governance system of “Party and people service centers + grid + IT application”, accelerate the modernization of municipal social governance, further implement the “heart-warming community” initiative to increase support for starting businesses and finding jobs, and improve the level of services provided by the elderly and the young to meet the needs of the people for a better life.”Altenseh town has always made efforts to improve the quality of the city based on its location advantages and development conditions.In the next step, we will continue to extend the scenarios and applications of smart community construction, improve the legal, intelligent and professional level of social governance, provide more warm services to residents, and create a new model of smart community.”Wang Siqing said.Ordos Daily all media reporters: Sun Haibin, Liu Yanan, Li Yang, Liang Jingyu, Xu Yingshuang, Wang Jing Edit: Yang Yang, Bai Qian, Wang Shuqi proofread: Wang Shuqi proofread: Wang Zeng Final review: Guo Zixin