The first, Fujian’s “awesome” city, won and was far from satisfactory

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The first is fujian “formidable” city, won and is far from satisfactory, especially its traffic construction is not inferior to some economically strong provinces, actively involved in the construction of traffic projects.Whether the city, county, town, city, basically scored high scores.Speed up, railway and other supporting projects.Xiamen is not only a popular tourist destination with a high reputation, but also one of the leading cities in fujian province’s tourism industry.Fast-growing Quanzhou overtook the provincial capital to take the top spot.The two cities seem to be on solid ground.However, there is another “special” city in the province.It is said that it ranks first in fujian in terms of resources, market development and area, but its development is not satisfactory.Do you know what this is located in the north of the province, fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi junction.The city covers an area of 26,300 square kilometers, with a variety of landforms and landforms, forming a typical “eight mountains, one water and one field”.In addition, rich resources, rich products for agricultural development to provide strong support and help.The county has a long history since the Eastern Han Dynasty, and it is one of the early developed areas in Fujian.In the early years, the local area developed rapidly, leaving behind the famous Minyue culture, tai Chi culture and other important heritage.More than 2,000 writers and 17 prime ministers were born.In addition, its transportation structure is not bad, many railways and important airports have stations here.