Telecom network to prevent fraud | sell, lease or loan of bank CARDS, you may have suspected of a crime!

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Selling, renting, lending bank cards, telephone cards (referred to as “two cards”) considerable profits, never go out of the house can make money more than earn thousands of dollars you do not want to do if someone to you put forward the idea of making money please do not stop many people because of resist the temptation of interests eventually into detention, detention, prison still dare?!!”Selling and renting bank cards and phone cards, although they are not directly involved in crimes, they are often involved in thousands of fraud cases, which is to help information network crimes and do great harm.Fraud circle often compares the victim to be cut ‘leek’, the sale of rental lending personnel ‘two cards’ is personally sent sickle for the cheater, great harm.”In 2021, Wu sold three bank cards under his name to others, making a profit of 5,800 yuan. The later sold cards were used by fraudsters to carry out the fraud.On January 6 this year, a certain public security bureau criminal investigation brigade police in a town will Be Wu mou captured, Wu mou was suspected of helping information network crime by criminal detention.Huang mou rents a bank card to others to carry out telecom network fraud with the price of 1000 yuan per month, bank card involved water amount 2.7 million yuan.On October 4, 2021, a certain public security bureau plainclothes brigade will huang Mou captured, Huang Mou was suspected of helping information network crime by criminal detention.Coincidentally, a certain man Peng so-and-so will own 2 bank cards, 2 mobile phone cards sold to them for the implementation of telecom fraud, bank card involved in the amount of more than 9 million yuan, peng is suspected of helping information network crime was detained.Yushu police warned: lease sale loan “two card” may involve illegal crime, is one of the important root, a high incidence of telecom network fraud cases harm is serious, do not desperate for profit, otherwise, once caught, light is retribution, detention, or sentenced, sentenced to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, the highest will give great influence personal work, life and future.Yushu police remind: 1. Trading and lending of public accounts, bank cards and phone cards are illegal activities, which will be recorded in personal credit reports, affecting loans and payment services, and may be suspected of crimes. Do not be selfish and touch the bottom line of the law.2. Take good care of your ID card, bank card, online bank U Shield and other account access tools, and protect your login account and password and other personal information. For discarded bank cards, you should cancel your account in time, and destroy the magnetic strip of the card, and do not discard them at will.Hope the masses to take active action, take the initiative to report related to “two cards” illegal criminal clues, jointly build a solid prevention of telecommunications network fraud crime “protection wall”, so that fraudsters do not know how to start, no place to hide.- The whole people join hands in anti-fraud – Source: Yushu Public Security Statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information, conducive to the popularization of law.If any source is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact Qinghai Law Popularization with proof of ownership, we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.