Spring to grass-roots | body into the “epidemic” line, “close” protect reunion

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The Spring Festival is coming at the Customs of Nanning Wuwei Airport, and there are more inbound passengers than usual. The customs officers of Nanning Wuwei Airport are preparing for the upcoming inbound flights.Checking on each other after putting on protective clothing is both a habit and a sign of trust.Protect yourself so you can better protect your passengers.Landing missions from the office to the farthest slot, 101, involved more than 2,000 steps in a protective suit, with the screen fogging slightly as you hurried.Watching the passengers get off the plane and walk across the bridge one by one, I feel that all my efforts are worth it.Even after thousands of repetitions, each interview with a passenger is as patient and careful as the first.I hope our concern will reassure them.After entering the closed management group, I could only video chat with my child for a period of time. I felt a little sorry for him.The understanding and cooperation of the passengers made me more determined to guard the gate of our country.The star frost flies by.Where the footsteps of overseas returnees converge, the customs is there, and we are there.New Year will come, we will continue to dim lights, guard the reunion of lights.
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