Sixian county: “Youth home” into “red scarf” paradise

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“We played ‘not bad money’ with children for more than an hour, the children laughed happily.Suddenly a kid came up to me and said, ‘Little brother, can you take us to play games again next time?'” anhui technical college of commerce and trade should be participated in the 2020 level financial management professional students grandson si county CaoGou town house red scarf, a school of “youth” volunteer activities, he told reporters, “child with mother” in school and volunteers with warm heart, let many left-behind children in the winter vacation had more fun, also to the volunteers brought a lot of moving.Classroom has a width description “laba porridge to warm” caring about left-behind children, “festival ShangWenMing, voluntary care line” left-behind children on New Year’s sympathy, CaoGou town youth corps committee joint town judicial offices to carry out the rule of law education classroom, the fire brigade to carry out joint town with fire safety knowledge lectures, joint town traffic police force popularize knowledge of traffic safety and how to obey the traffic traffic rules,”Youth Home · Red Scarf School” winter vacation lesson 1 activity……Sun Zi yi to the reporter enumerated the town since the winter vacation youth League committee to carry out the activities, “in addition, the daily family will accompany, accompany the children to play together, design some small games, issued some small gifts;Emotional care, such as “children with mother” every week to chat with children, see what emotional changes, whether the need to communicate with parents on wechat;Education knowledge popularization, invite social organizations for children safety self-protection education classes or other beneficial courses.”Since January, tuansi County Party Committee has deployed and implemented the project of “Youth Home · Red Scarf School” throughout the county, focusing on solving the problem of “difficult nursing” for children aged 6 to 14 during holidays. The service period is from January 19 to February 15.Volunteers are mainly recruited online by the communist Youth League county Committee.After the completion of recruitment, the county committee of the Youth League arranged each town youth League committee and successful volunteers for docking.Each town (development zone) youth League committee synchronously recruits volunteers offline.The students of “Red Scarf School” are mainly recruited offline from each town (development zone), village (community) and “childlike heart harbor”.The communist Youth League and county Committee will carry out online recruitment at the same time. After the recruitment is completed, the Communist Youth League and county Committee will arrange the youth League committees of each town to connect with the students who have successfully registered.After the end of the service period, the county Committee of the Youth League will issue a certificate of volunteer service to all the volunteers participating in the project, and award the excellent volunteer certificate of “Youth Home · Red Scarf School” to those who show outstanding performance. The volunteers who meet relevant conditions will be absorbed as members of the County Youth Volunteers Association, so as to encourage the volunteers to participate in the project work regularly.It is reported that the project has a total of 33 service points, which are located in each town (development zone), village (community), childlike harbor and “youth home” (excluding the town where the childlike harbor and community are located).In order to enrich the work force of the project, the County Committee of the Youth League recruited a group of college students volunteers for social practice “returning to their hometown” in the early stage, and again for special post teachers, school teachers, especially young Pioneers counselors, and people with kindergarten or primary school teaching experience through wechat public account to carry out social recruitment.At the same time, recruit young students through offline and online channels simultaneously.In the flagship store of “Youth Home” in Sixian county, the Communist Youth League Committee, together with the County Procuratorate, the Communist Youth League Committee of Sicheng Town and the Little Tree Sapling Psychological Service Center, brought a rich “first lesson of winter vacation” to children.Saplings teacher led everyone through the game to get familiar with each other, open their hearts.Prosecutors are teaching the children to guard against bad contact, not to become Internet addicts and to reject school bullying.Volunteers from Sicheng Accompanied the children to read happily and helped them with their homework.In the “Youth Home” of the development zone, teachers from Kaicheng Social Work Psychological Service Center led us to “break the ice”, and the university students’ volunteers came on stage to show their talents. Finally, the volunteers from the science museum brought a class of “Little Newton” to guide us to make “piglet magnetic car”.”Most of the children we met were silent and shy, indifferent to the arrival of volunteers and didn’t communicate with us much.”West Anhui College 2018 pharmaceutical engineering students Liu Libin told reporters that she served in sixian development zone “youth home”, to the children here are 6 to 14 years old children, are students in difficult families, left-behind children, living with grandparents, parents work outside the year round.”I took the children to do loach catching, finger grasping and other games, after several rounds of games, they gradually open their hearts.After that, before each class, they sat in the classroom early and waited for our volunteers to arrive.We give lectures and they listen with rapt attention, and gradually they tell us about their problems growing up, and we volunteer to answer them.”Liu Libin said.You Yan, the contact person of The Social worker psychological Service Center in Sixian County, introduced that left-behind children in rural areas have weak acceptance ability and desire to express themselves, and are more reserved, timid and introverted, which is related to the way of education, contact area and vision limitation.She suggested that attention should be paid to the mental health of children in this group, in addition to their academic performance.Besides providing material support to them, they can also carry out activities such as art, dance, music, psychological group counseling and small lectures to help them grow up healthily and happily.When Wu Ling, a “child companion’s mother” in Tongxin Harbor, Caogou Town, Sixian County, visited Xiao Hong (pseudonym), he only answered “I don’t know” and “I don’t want to”.When Wu Ling asked him why he watched TV at home and didn’t go out to play, Hong answered that there were no children to play with him.”That you can come to ‘child companion home’ to look for children to play.””No, it’s not fun.”Wu Ling not only did ideological work for his parents, but also took the initiative to take Hong to the “children’s home” to play games, which finally made the solitary Hong become lively and cheerful.Now, Hong comes to the home almost every day to do homework or play games.Sometimes he took the initiative to ask Wu Ling for homework, and helped to sort out the “Children companion home” materials, became a “children companion home” little assistant, also became a brave, confident, sunny boy.In caogou village, a little girl ran up to Wu Ling and said, “Thank you!Teacher, is you let me feel the warmth of home!Is you let me have a dream and happy!Can we call you ‘Mama Wu’ in the future?”Sun Tzu Yi was impressed by her work.In his opinion, the “Children with mothers” are ordinary and great. Under their influence, volunteers learn to give and care better, and enjoy the joy of helping others.”There is a long way to go to care for the healthy growth of minors. I hope that more people of insight will join in the work of warm childlike innocence, so that children can not only have a happy holiday, but also have a colorful childhood.”YouYan said.Reporters learned that the town (development zone) youth League committee in accordance with the requirements of the document, properly arrange the volunteers after the registration of various matters, organize and carry out relevant activities.At the same time, the project activity as an opportunity to further improve the “Youth home” position construction, integration of social resources, improve service functions.It is reported that since the county reform, the County Committee of Tuansi County has made solid progress in the reform of organizational setting and operation mechanism, actively promoted the construction of “Youth Home” stores, innovated and created the “1+16+X+Y+N” operation mode, namely, built the “1+16” basic position, and built a flagship store of “Youth Home” jointly with the Comprehensive Service center of youth and youth League representatives contact station.Each town (development zone) learned from the flagship model to establish 16 branches, consolidating the “1+16” position foundation;Focusing on gathering places for youth to promote the construction of “X” home, adhering to the principle of “where the youth are, the ‘youth home’ will be built”, actively connecting with the Sixian New Era Civilization Practice Center, science and technology museum, museum, library and other gathering places for youth, promoting the establishment of “X” home;Transverse joint “Y” units in total, transverse joint group county county ShaoGongWei, procuratorate, women’s federation, closes working committee, who is built appoint, kaesong social worker, saplings and a number of units in the counseling center to build, in the home of “youth” flagship store set up young pioneers off-campus practice education camp, youth education base under the rule of law, women’s and children’s home and close positions and health promotion center platform,And radiate the whole county, lead more social forces to participate in supporting youth work;”N” youth service projects, according to the attributes of youth gathering place, set up personalized service projects, in the new era civilization practice center, set up youth psychological consultation, policy answers and other convenient services, in the library, museum and other learning places to build “Youth Tuan Learning club”, “Yue Read Courier station” and other projects, in Zhuqiao community,Carry out “big hands holding Small hands” team activity day “, “Communist Youth League love birthday party” and other projects jointly built by teams and teams, set up “4:30 class”, “colorful holidays”, “dream micro wishes” and other care and service projects in various townlevel positions.At present, Sixian county has built one flagship store and 20 branches of “Youth Home”, covering all 16 towns (development zones) and 17 cloud platforms. In 2021, 384 activities will be held, covering more than 8,600 young people.In the next step, tuansi County Party Committee will strengthen the basic position of “Youth home”, continue to coordinate various forces to jointly build and live in it, and concentrate on building youth service projects, so that young people can play a role and make contributions while serving them, and effectively make the reform take effect.At the same time, continue to focus on scheduling townships (development zone), “the home of youth, young pioneers school” project to carry out the situation, strengthen the martyr children, family difficulties students, student recruitment, left-behind children support grassroots delegations based on the actual innovation project content and form, the timely driving conditional high school (secondary) born member to the village (community) join volunteer project report.Dong-a Ilbo reporter Hwang Hui correspondent Fan Yan