“Proud Jiao Apprentice too ferocious” she just want to do female match, men want to marry her every day!

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Hello everyone!The boundless huge crowd we meet, small make up is a senior novel amateur, has ten years of age oh, also want to share with you a beautiful novel ~ indefinite will update all kinds of ancient words every day, abuse, pets, books, military and other different types of fiction, from your appearance especially, America laguna handsome, little brother little sister if like to try some praise and attention oh!She just wants to settle down to be a female match, but the male master wants to marry her every day!Introduction: “Proud Jiao Apprentice is too fierce” she just want to settle down to do female match, the male hero wants to marry her every day instead!She had her purpose, and he had his ambition.A disturbance?No fear, master and apprentice together, do not want to come!Painting style is very normal, but, invisible, the apprentice was staring at the master!”Master, you are fine!”Some apprentice with a face in a serious way, but quietly red ear tip.”Well, for the teacher know, if not good, at the beginning you will not upside stick up!””……”Great thing to do: “My Lord, is something happening?”A distant and ancient voice from the stone monument behind Shallow mo sent out to return to god, shallow mo looked at the stone monument in front of him, the tone of the slow way: “No matter, Old park, this call ME to come is found again?””Alas” the person before meeting does not want to say, the moor old sighed one breath, so many years passed, small footpath son still is so stubborn, stop.As long as Tinder is happy, everything else doesn’t matter.”Lead the soul bead fragments, in the world of the world.”Accompanied by such a sentence, shallow mo eyes have a smile, direct fundus, if modest song saw, will say, this is the one he saw the most happy master.Did you finally make her wait?She atoned for tens of thousands of years, and god finally opened her eyes and gave her a chance to turn over a new leaf.But she did not know, this opportunity is rebirth or destruction?(click below free reading) the second: “Apprentice too evil” introduction: Jiang Shu last life letter in Jiang, alienated shen Liang ‘an, so ended up in jiang tao heart, Shen Liang ‘an do not want to look at the end.Fortunately, god has given her a second choice, this life, she will be a big reversal, hold the thigh!For jiang this two apprentice: Shen Liang ‘an bully you?It serves you right!He took your stuff?Let you that is a terrible waste!You like me?Get as far away from here as you can!To Shen Liang ‘an: You are right in everything you say and you are right in everything you do. Master loves you the most…Wait, not that one! Don’t twist it!Why she’s awesome: She doesn’t have a heart anymore.She would have rested if she had not a little more to do.She looked out of the window at the glimmer of light and saw a tall figure sweep by, then…..She can’t go on. Slowly and slowly close her eyes.Time seemed to stand still, and she did not know where she was.As her soul drifted away from her body, she saw a man dressed in black stepping on Yu Jiang, with a sword stuck in Yu Jiang’s chest.His features were twisted. He was crazy.Must be feeling that the domineering has not become, and was killed, the heart has unwilling!Jiang Shu seemed to think he had earned his fortune.Introduction: He used to be in the fairy world, and as the master of the back garden of the fairy world, he was in charge of all the flowers and trees in the yard.Great thing to do: “Here we are, Ash, running around like ants on hot bricks.”Ningo said, a little jumpy.”Yes, this boy Linhui also don’t know where to run, after we lost such a heavy bomb, he disappeared.”Kun Ge said, angry, psychological only want to linhui, the culprit of the three of them are now in a mess of the heart of Linhui caught, to find out the reason for the matter.However, Just now, Linhui only had time to tell us the information, but did not have time to elaborate, so he helped me to leave.Now, sitting on the opposite side of me, just began to take out a mobile phone, looking at everyone’s chat records, across the phone screen, can feel the anxiety of the three people on the opposite side.Linhui finally finished more than 100 chat records.(Click below to read it for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to your comments and likes!The encouragement of small brothers and sisters to small make up is the biggest power oh!