On the first day of work, these people in Yantai were honored

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On the first day of work on the seventh day of the first lunar month, the CPC Provincial Committee and the provincial government held the Shandong 2022 Work Mobilization Conference, at which outstanding entrepreneurs in Shandong province were grandly commended. The following is the award decision.Provincial party committee of the communist party of China, shandong province, shandong province people’s government on commend outstanding entrepreneur in shandong province in recent years, the province the entrepreneurs to xi jinping, a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thoughts as the instruction, the arduous struggle, dare to rush to dare to dry, innovation, leading enterprise struggle, made outstanding contributions to the shandong economic and social development.To promote the entrepreneurial spirit, focus on new and innovative economic growth momentum, encourage private entrepreneurs clerkstarts, encourage young entrepreneurs innovation entrepreneurship, show every country’s feelings and bear responsibility, determined by way of research, to grant zhang ruimin, Tan Xuguang, Chen Xueli title of “outstanding entrepreneurs in shandong province” three comrades, merit citation.Zhou Houjian and 20 other comrades were awarded the title of “Leading Entrepreneurs in Shandong Province” and awarded first-class merit.Li Guangqing and 49 other comrades were awarded the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Shandong Province”.It is hoped that the outstanding entrepreneurs honored should cherish their honor, guard against arrogance and rashness, bravely undertake their mission, make persistent efforts, better play a leading role as models and strive for greater achievements.The entrepreneurs of the whole province should take the advanced models that are praised as examples, anchor the general adherence, general positioning and general navigation mark of “walking in the forefront and creating in an all-round way” and “three leading in the front”, and strive to become a new force in the construction of new development pattern, the construction of modern economic system and the promotion of high-quality development in the new era.The provincial departments at all levels should adhere to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement the party’s in the 19th and the 19th session of 2, 3, 4, 5, sixth plenary session spirit, earnestly implement the jinping general secretary in shandong important instructions to the work requirement, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firm “four confidence”, “two maintenance”,We will foster a new type of cordial and clean relations between government and business, speed up the building of a first-class business environment, and provide extensive services to help businesses. We will enable entrepreneurs to concentrate on starting their own businesses, operate and develop with confidence, and make new and greater contributions to building a strong modern socialist province in the new era.Source: Shandong Politics, Dazhong Newspaper