Old people, do not go to these relatives visit, save money and sad

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Old people, retired, time for the elderly is a lot of emotion every day, the day is a new day.When I was young, I was busy making a living. When I was old and idle, I remembered a lot of old things and would think that I could walk more with my relatives while I was still healthy.Between people, only the love of this world, the afterlife may not meet.Many elderly people, after retirement, think about how to maintain a good relationship with relatives who were once neglected.However, many times, the ideal is very beautiful, the reality is very cruel.Sometimes, things that were thought to be very beautiful turn out not to be so beautiful, or even cause financial loss and sad regret.Retired, also old, do not think so much, everything follows fate, do not go painstakingly to relatives home visit the door contact feelings.Because who are experienced years of grinding, who’s heart more or less have the imprint of time.Rather than deliberately contact feelings, it is better to follow the fate of the heart, the old life of their own good management, husband and wife hand sunset, family harmony, father filial piety to live their rest of life, is the best day in old age.Less visits between the in-laws, so as not to embarrass the children after we retire, the children married, we have more relatives, that is the in-laws.Now is a child, who are baby pimple, the old man to take baby have their own ideas, most do mother-in-law will think, if the husband does not take baby, he can not let his daughter from the dilemma, will go to help take baby.Over time, the old in-laws will feel that it is better to take care of their children, so that no one is tired, but also can enjoy the happiness of the family.But some old people feel that they cannot leave their grandchildren, when the in-laws take children, they will take the initiative to go to the in-laws from time to time, saying that they visit the in-laws, but actually they miss the children.In fact, this is not good, long time, because of their words to the in-laws to bring unpleasant, also can cause unnecessary embarrassment to children.The relationship between in-laws is a delicate and fragile combination of interests. If the children’s marriage is happy, the in-laws can stay in harmony with each other, otherwise they are antagonistic enemies.In-laws are not blood relatives, but only because of their children’s marriage, they know each other. If they get too close, it is not a good thing. When the time comes, conflicts and differences will make their children embarrassed and affect their marriage.Snobbish relatives to visit less, so as not to hurt money sad family is the feelings of the earth can not give up, but not all of the family can rely on feelings to maintain, in life, many relatives rely on interests.Don’t visit snobbish relatives when you’re old.If you are good to your relatives, they will come to you.If you have no interest in your relatives, they used to look down on you, look down on you, when you are old, you bring gifts to visit, you will only make yourself sad.Zhou, 62, had nothing to do after he retired. Since everyone was retired anyway, he thought he would spend more time with relatives.Old Zhou drove to his cousin’s house with gifts.He used to be a leader in the unit, and old Zhou was an ordinary worker. He had nothing to ask for from his cousin, but he always felt that visiting his cousin would bring a bad influence on him.Now that they’re retired, visiting their Cousins by themselves would make them happy.Who knows, old Zhou brought a gift to visit, but they were snobbish, thought that something to ask for.After complaining with his cousin and sister-in-law, he told Zhou that he was now retired and had no real power. He had never helped zhou before, and now he had no chance to help him.Zhou was very embarrassed. How could he explain that he just came to visit them and had nothing more to ask for, but they still looked incredulous.Old Zhou felt that he was too superfluous this time, not only to lose money but also to feel sad. He was old, but also to be so disliked. He sincerely visited zhou, but also to be mistaken for asking for something.Everyone’s values and outlook on life are different, you think you value family, but others think you are profitable, such relatives are better not to contact.Having a good retirement is the most important thing.Relatives from poor families are also rare, so as not to be disliked by people. When you get old, everyone’s life will be different. Every family has its own difficulties, and everyone’s life will have a few uncomfortable things.Especially when one is old and his family is poor and not harmonious, his thoughts will change. He always feels that other people come to see him, not to sympathize with him, but to see jokes at his home. He is not grateful for the walking and help between relatives, but feels that his good relatives are arrogant and show off.Unfortunate people, often heart fragile, sensitive, happy people close to him, will only make his heart more painful double.Old people, coupled with misfortune, tend to think distorted, the good intentions to help, the original others laugh at, or look down on the ulterior motives.In fact, everyone has their own life, as far as possible to visit, unless the host invited, otherwise as far as possible do not go to visit poor relatives.The gifts you bring are genuine and often have the opposite effect.How about keeping a distance from each other and extending a hand to relatives when they really need it, so we both have dignity.As we get older, many of us are afraid of loneliness, and it’s natural to visit relatives we haven’t seen in years to avoid embarrassing each other.But visiting does not reduce a person’s inner loneliness, but will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.Especially when you think of a relative you haven’t talked with for years, you miss him, but he may not remember you, the conversation will only make you feel a waste of time, a waste of feelings.Li Jie, 52, who had nothing to do after retirement, remembered a cousin in her hometown whom she had not spoken to for many years. She remembered the joy they had had together when they were children, and she wanted to visit them while there were no fetters.Who knows, Sister Li came to cousin home, people don’t remember who sister Li is, said a long time to know, the original relatives.The relatives believed that Sister Li had come to visit them because she wanted to stay with them.Unable to laugh or cry, Sister Li sat for a while and walked away awkwardly.When one is old and time is rich, with the passage of time, perhaps there is only one person left, it is hard to avoid loneliness.If you want to relieve these depressed feelings, you can not just go to someone’s house to solve, but to learn to enjoy the lonely time on the way to old age;In my life, loneliness is the normal state and the essence of life. I will try my best to learn new knowledge, improve my cognitive ability, sublimate my thoughts and patterns, and give myself something to do to forget the existence of loneliness and loneliness.Those old people over the better, it is learned to enjoy the abundance of solitude, in the loneliness to find their favorite fun, enjoy the old on the way to the heart, will be old time over the more comfortable.When you are old, you should live your own life. It is better to spend your old age on meaningful things that you enjoy rather than visiting relatives that will make you sad and sad.At least, they can make their old age wonderful and beautiful, and they can make their old age decent and comfortable without looking at anyone’s face or listening to others’ embarrassing words.The rest of my life is short and precious, we old people to heart, with true feelings, be kind to yourself, be kind to the people in front of you, ready for their own comfort in old age, don’t do those sad things, happy to live their own life.Author: Luxurious zen mind to pay attention to my words, into your heart.You have stories, I have tea, and we can talk about the rest of our lives.The illustrations are from the Internet.