My specialty was football

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On the first day when the new teachers arrived, the old headmaster asked us one by one what we were good at: calligraphy, singing, dancing…It was supposed to be a consensus, and I just blurted out football, and then it turned out to be a joke.Yes, a math major of female teacher, and grow weak, specialty is football, is not to laugh?I spent as much time on football as I did on math in college.PE class IS my elective football, and the boys together training, assessment.Passing with the ball, stopping the ball, set pieces, teammates with these basic skills are solid repeatedly honed, once instep bounce ball I can come to 20 or 30.It coincided with the World Cup 1998 in France, and watching football matches became the focus of my college life. I attended classes during the day and stayed up at night to watch football matches. My fatigue was covered by excitement.Forget Ricky Martin’s the Cup of Life;Forget the sharp edge of Ronaldo, zidane, solid and pragmatic Dunga, and dribbling master Rivaldo, set piece prince Beckham.I am very glad that the Chinese girls in the 1999 Women’s Football World Cup played the best performance in history, Gao Hong, Sun Wen, they fought hard on the field, I in front of the TV resonance……I can say that football witnessed my unruly youth.A few years ago, the school had the headmaster’s cup football match, and I happened to be the head teacher. Finally, I gave full play to my football expertise, telling the children rules, forming teams, sub-tasks, doing cooperation…The children admire the ground, with guidance to hit the first chapter came.In fact, and PE teacher than I just amateur level, sometimes amateur as long as willing to heart may also be able to beat professional lazy team.Small to the school to the country, men’s football is not a typical case?