Join the guangzhou team not as good as the passer-by king earn much, why so many people flock to, the champion really sweet

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Have so a team in the CBA, always think they are rich, being their championship because to get rich, they were particularly dependent on foreign aid, no foreign aid they took less than a championship, at around them to rob the young talent to form a youth team, they can play a few local people, they will only use the referee to win,Yao Ming is also believed to be one of their shareholders, a bad team, should not be popular, but the reality is always face, they from all over the search for excellent seedlings, developed into excellent seedlings with their parents to personally visit the training, this team is 11 champion Guangdong team.Theory of money, in fact, guangdong than Beijing and Shanghai, xinjiang, at pay big money signing big-name foreign aid, also can’t compare with Beijing and liaoning, guangdong to rob youth talent, around the eyas plan are to attract the talent in Beijing, zhejiang is give youth referee high training fees, guangdong youth give money in the CBA has not been on line,Guangdong won by the referees, but the referees took care of guangdong in the playoffs. Besides, Yao Ming is a shareholder of Guangdong, and Yao Ming’s reform of the CBA has been trying to pull Guangdong out of the game and let the CBA blossom. So how does Guangdong desperately attract talent?Is it really just money?Cao Fang, the king of the passers-by, once said bluntly: “Basketball is just my hobby, and I earn more playing street ball than Xu Jie.”Xu Jie has been an important substitute player in Guangdong, he entered the first no problem, Xu Jie has no passer-by King to make money, Guangdong team still rely on what to attract young people to join the youth training?Is it really the CBA champion?Simply speaking of champions, Guangdong team may not win the CBA championship, and many youth players will not get the chance to join Guangdong team to play in THE CBA if they are not strong enough. Many young people are aware of this, but they do not hesitate to participate in guangdong team training, dreaming of joining Guangdong team youth training.What is the reason why young people are willing to bring their parents to try out when they can’t play CBA?Champions and love the feelings of the Guangdong team must not be credible.1. There is no need to pay extra high fees for youth training. Excellent students can also study in Guangdong University of Technology without taking an exam.2. When the Guangdong team trains you, they think you are not suitable for the team and will take the initiative to find a new home for you instead of putting you aside and wasting away.3. To solve the employment problem of young players, players who can’t play in CBA can join the company league, village games and other commercial games, and their annual income is much higher than that of CBA substitute players.What problems do youth talents care about most?Generally has three, the first is need me to the high cost of youth, the second is to join after I ever have the opportunity to get the opportunity to play, the third is how to earn money by playing basketball can I, guangdong academy of to solve the problem of the three, we seldom hear a player because no money can’t to join the guangdong,The youth training mode of Guangdong team is very beneficial to the young people with financial difficulties. There is no economic pressure to join guangdong team, you only need to train hard, and progress every day is the biggest reward for Guangdong team.Almost never seen in guangdong players that because there is no time to complain, the principle of guangdong line I think you, think playing time for you, I think you really don’t fit for the team, so I good buyers for you ahead of time, rather than you wasted my time aside, young player out for a long time is easy to waste,Compared with many CBA teams, Guangdong Team can achieve this position. Most CBA teams basically hold the attitude that I don’t need or won’t be cheap, which leads to the player who joins the team has no ball to play and is eliminated and no one wants to play, directly killing the player’s future.There are very few players in CBA who can really pay no money for the championship. The reason why Guangdong Team can attract so many youth talents to join lies in that Guangdong team has the most developed basketball industry in China. The company league and village league here need a large number of players to join, which provides a lot of employment opportunities for those players who can’t play in CBA.And relying on the guangdong team this CBA11 championship tree, these young people are almost the big companies, village teams in the eyes of the xiangbobo, a year down, they get income compared to the CBA most of the replacement players are much more, Guangdong team can solve the problem of study, employment, who can refuse such guangdong team?In the end, everyone thinks that Guangdong team is rich to attract so many talents to join, but they forget that Beijing team, Shanghai team, Xinjiang team is more rich than Guangdong team, why not join these young people?Therefore, money is not the first factor for young players to join the team. Young players will plan their career in advance. If I can’t play in the CBA, what should I do?Guangdong happens to solve the problem of young people don’t know how to do, to join the guangdong as long as you work hard training, personal and have some ability, even if you can’t type in Chinese, you also don’t have to worry about your future will have no future, guangdong commercial prosperity, to join our league and village you will not earn less than the CBA substitute, young nature of guangdong.I am Amu Kanqiu, do you think Guangdong is really relying on more job opportunities to attract so many young people to join?Welcome to follow the message exchange.