Great!Units directly under the Henan Military Area Command held a Spring Festival party to celebrate the Spring Festival

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Taurus bow down old year, tiger prance to send blessing.On the evening of January 28, the General Office of the Henan Military Area Command organized units directly under it to hold the 2022 Spring Festival gala at the Audio-visual Education Center of the National Defense Education Base.Provincial military area commander Chen Zhaoming, major general political commissar Xu Yuanhong, major general deputy political commissar and discipline commission secretary Liu Jinlai attended the party.Drums bursts, rhythm New Year movement;Red flag hunting, high fervent passion.Chen Wei, senior Colonel of the Provincial Military Command Office, summed up the work of the subordinate units in 2021 and delivered a warm New Year’s speech.In the opening dance “Yearning for Glory”, all the dancers were in high spirits, fully demonstrating the high morale and spirit of the officers and soldiers of the subordinate units yearning for glory.”How many sufferings are redeemed, and the spirit of the Party remains forever…”Songs singing “clear love”, recall the revolutionary era of blood and rain, recall the revolutionary martyrs of the spirit of style, sing the officers and men of the hearts of the youth of the blood, forever pentium for the motherland.Cross talk “Army”, pantomime “Unity is strength” with humorous language, funny funny action, life on the stage, belly laugh at the same time let people recall deep friendship.Allegro “Fast Horse Whip this Year” reproduces the extraordinary performance of the provincial military command in 2021 with rhyming sentences;Martial arts performance “Hidden Dragon crouching Tiger”, melodrama “You are our hero” will be the scene atmosphere once pushed to a climax, the audience officers and soldiers intoxicated with it, straight call addiction, the scene cheers, applause interwoven together, the whole performance scene just like a sea of joy.Zhengzhou retirements, military actors with officers and soldiers from the kindergarten, songs keep dream soldiers, sketch the early Internet experience, song, dance, works such as “get”, the scene cheers, showing the directly affiliated institutions in military chief of the party committee under the correct leadership each JuBan should new atmosphere.After the party, the provincial military region heads, bureau office leaders and all cast and crew took a group photo.Xu Yuanhong spoke highly of the success of the party.A new blueprint has been drawn and a new journey has begun.In the New Year, the officers and soldiers of the units directly under the provincial military area Command will resolutely implement the decision-making instructions of the party chief of the provincial military area Command, strive hard and surpass themselves with heroic ambition, clanged backbone and invincible spirit, and forge ahead toward the construction of the first-class provincial military area command of war, and hand over qualified answers worthy of The Times with practical actions.