Abandon the car to attack god will, use the double gun to kill, because overestimate too hasty move will give the other side the opportunity

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In the national Yinchuan Chess Tournament in 1965, Yan Kengzong gave a good game to qian Hongfa, a general in southwest China, because of his one-sided understanding of the game.The situation of the two sides after 16 rounds of chess is shown in the picture. The black side invites the car, and the 7 guns stop the red side horse. Now the red side moves, and the red side takes the decision of abandoning the car and attacking the horse.This is also a kind of overestimation of their own situation too hasty move, once the black car, enough to use the double car double gun side horse to contain the red offensive.Unfortunately, black in the end did not dare to push the boat along with the current xinran car, and went to the car 8 level 7 to prevent the red side into the trough, which gave the red party to attack the opportunity.The actual combat method is: 17. Horse three into one, car 8 even 7.18. Soldiers march three to one, like five to seven.19. Three guns four, seven horses six.20. Five soldiers advance and one rook retreat.21. Five guns to four, draw five to six.22. Pawn 5 tied 4, chariot 1 tied 9.23. Gun 3 retreat 2, vehicle 9 level 5.24. Six into five, five into four.25. Gun 3 level 4, vehicle 5 level 6.26. Pawn 4 to 1, tie 6 to 5.27. Four men to one, two guns to three.28. Guns five retreat four, guns seven draw six.29. Gun 4 tied 5, move 5 tied 6.30. Vehicle 2 forward 6, gun 2 even 6.31. The front gun is tied four, the red side is winning.Of course, black cannot help but pay special attention to the fierce nature of tianah Ma’s offensive, but this does not mean that they are afraid of it, so that they underestimate their own fighting situation.If the Black side can see that there are some false elements in the red horse’s plan of attack, it will bravely go 8 into 9 seize the car, the situation will be very different.Try the change as follows, follow the picture red horse three into one, car eight into nine, ma one into three, will be 5 even 6, the following red side has three attacks are rare hand: the first attack:Five into a soldier, 7 into 2, five into a handsome (such as four and five, 7 4 gun, five back four, 8 flat 6, five into a handsome, gun 2 flat 7, black car batteries, and break the double shi, wins), ma 1 to 3, handsome five six, gun 2 back 7, four, six flat car 5 into 6, three level four, 2-6, CheSiJin three, car 1 4, cannons five six, car 8 back 2,Four cannons into one, pawn 5 into one, red difficult to penetrate, black net one more tank, dominant.The second attack method: three guns level four, vehicle 8 retreat 1, four guns into one, vehicle 8 level six (follow the horn gun.If the wrong cannon 7 flat 5, soldier 5 into 1, general 6 into 1, soldier 5 flat 4, sergeant 5 into 6, car 6 into 4, will 6 back 1, soldier 4 into 1, red win), shi 4 into 5, gun 7 flat 5, phase 7 into 5, gun 2 back 7, black advantage.The third attack method: the cannon five flat four, seven into two, shi four into five (such as shuai five into one, cannon 7 retreat 4, black excellent), cannon 7 retreat 4, shi five retreat 4, cannon 7 retreat 4 after knocking off the slot horse, black big advantage.Due to the limited level of criticism and omission in the article is inevitable, I take you with knowledge!