15 trading days respectively up 92%, 75%, listen, Shensi electronic delis how to say

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Economic Herald reporter Han Zuyi in 2022 a year, Shensi Electronics (300479.SZ), Delis (002330.SZ) share prices as “runaway horse”, out of a wave can be called amazing “take-off” market.Economic herald reporters noted that as of the evening of January 24, in just 15 trading days, Shensi Electronics, Delis respectively harvested as high as 91.84%, 74.58% of the interval, leading lu stocks.Two bright performance, many days to cause the market and regulatory layer of high attention.So, for their share price trend, Shensi electronics, delis and how to look at it?”Digital yuan business will not have a major impact” On Jan 24, Shen Si Electronics rose 6.97% to 31.02 yuan per share.The price is 91.84% higher than the closing price of 16.17 yuan per share on December 31, 2021.During the period, it reached a high value of 36.94 yuan/share on January 18.Such a trend, and appears to be in 2021 shensi electronics performance level.January 25, Shensi Electronics disclosed 2021 annual performance forecast, is expected to ascribe to the shareholders of the listed company net profit loss of 140 million to 180 million yuan, while the previous year for a profit of 6.9153 million yuan.In this regard, the company said that during the reporting period, due to the tight supply of some key components, some products were not delivered in time, which adversely affected revenue;Sales of low gross margin products accounted for an increase in the previous year, resulting in a decline in the company’s comprehensive gross margin from the previous year;Major product r&d investment further increased, the company’s R&D expenses increased compared with last year;The company increased investment in market expansion and sales expenses increased compared with last year.More critically, combined with the initial test of asset operation, actual operation and industry policy changes, Shensi Electronics is expected to draw impairment losses of about 112 million yuan in 2021.Among them, due to the impact of the epidemic situation and customer budget reduction, the performance of the company’s acquired subsidiaries Inovite Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and Shensilangfang (Fujian) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is not as expected, and there are signs of impairment of the goodwill generated by the related assets.Economic Herald reporters noted that although the factors affecting the stock price of listed companies are very complex, not limited to fundamental factors such as profitability and development prospects, but also affected by domestic and foreign macroeconomic factors, monetary policies, market liquidity, secondary market activity and trend, market investment hot spots and other factors.However, the market and regulators have paid attention to the “digital RMB” business of Shensi Electronics, which has seen its share price rise significantly and deviated from the market.Wearily on the shenzhen stock exchange information electronic on Jan. 21, admitted that the company started digital renminbi business equipment research and development and market speculation, developed more hardware products and related software, in collaboration with operations digital yuan for the construction of the innovative application scenario, a support agency digital renminbi accounts, credit card, pay marketing presentation activities such as consumption.At present, the company mainly provides hardware products and solutions related to digital RMB for operating institutions. As it is still in the pilot verification stage, only a small amount of sales can not cover the initial research and development investment.”From 2020 to 2021, the company’s digital RMB related business will achieve operating revenue of 74,700 yuan and gross profit of 41,300 yuan, accounting for 0.01% of the company’s operating revenue in 2020 and the first three quarters of 2021. The company’s digital RMB business will not have a significant impact on the company’s operating performance.”Company in the near future thinking electronic also reminded investors, meanwhile, management situation and the internal and external environment has not changed much, “but in the short term, the company’s share price rose higher, and larger gem composite deviation in the same period, the p/e ratio, price-to-book, price-to-sales rate were significantly higher than ‘software and information technology services and industry than the average valuations of listed companies,Investors are requested to fully understand the risks of the secondary market, make prudent decisions and invest rationally.”Delis has these prepared dishes that are going to be on the market and one of the most popular topics in Delis these days is around prepared dishes.In the evening of January 11, Delis published “Investor relations activity record table” in Interactive easy, said that in 2020, the volume of prepared dishes in a narrow sense (excluding low-temperature meat products) more than 400 million, the revenue growth in 2021 is fast, and the revenue scale of prepared dishes in 2022 is expected to be about 1.2 billion yuan.On January 14, the company said in the “Notice on abnormal Fluctuations in stock trading” that the company’s revenue forecast of prepared vegetables related products in 2022 listed in the above “Investor Relations Activity Record form” is the 2022 annual planning target formulated by the company’s management team, and the relevant data does not constitute a performance forecast and performance commitment.Economic Herald reporters noticed that it was during January 12 to January 20, Delis pulled seven daily limit, the stock price from January 11 to 6.65 yuan/share quickly rose to 12.98 yuan/share on January 20.So, what are the key elements of delis’ prepared dish business, such as its actual operating situation, market position, industry development, major customers and suppliers?In response to the shenzhen Stock Exchange’s concern letter on January 25, Delis said that based on the development trend of food consumption, the company will try to enter the central kitchen business and beef processing field in 2017.In 2020, considering the existing production capacity is not enough to meet the company’s business expansion and product structure optimization needs, the company promoted the non-public offering of A-shares. After the completion of the raised project, the company added 150,000 tons/year of deep processing capacity mainly for prepared vegetables.In 2021, the company invested in the quick-frozen rice noodle project, which further enriched the product structure of the prepared dishes series.Economic Herald reporter found that from January to September 2021, the total revenue of the company’s prepared dishes was 270 million yuan, with a gross profit rate of 16.74%.Among them, quick-frozen conditioning, quick-frozen rice and noodles, ready-to-eat leisure and beef series achieved revenue of 164 million yuan, 10.3756 million yuan, 28.8427 million yuan and 66.5489 million yuan respectively, with gross margins of 14.96 percent, 22.12 percent, 28.59 percent and 15.15 percent.In terms of customers, Desilis has established a stable cooperative relationship with B-end customers such as Hangzhou Huiyu, Jiangsu Yaggi, Pot Circle Food, Zhengxin Chicken Steak, Hema Xiansheng and Convenience Feng. From January to September of 2021, the sales volume of the top five prepared dishes customers was 87.2530 million yuan, accounting for 32.29% of its total sales revenue.”In recent years, the company has taken prepared vegetables as the main direction of strategic development, constantly increasing research and development, expanding production capacity, enriching product categories, in-depth market development, and strategic layout throughout the country.”Delis revealed that the company to pork prepared dishes and beef prepared dishes and other products as the main products, research and development in early 2022 and planned to market products, including Zhenxiang braised pork, Zhenxiang four happy balls, fragrant pork trotters and other distinctive Chinese dishes with broad market prospects, and will increase the construction of offline stores.