Wang Mingquan and his wife were kneeling down to pay New Year’s greetings!Nine apprentices took turns serving tea, and two of them handed out a stack of banknotes

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Wang mingquan recently shared a video on his social media platform.In the video, Wang Mingquan and Luo Jiaying are sitting on the sofa in red clothes. Wang Mingquan has short black hair and fair skin, and looks very good. According to the video shared by Wang Mingquan, 9 of his disciples kneel down to him and send wishes and relatives happy New Year.Wang Mingquan and Luo Jiaying sat side by side on the sofa and were bowed down by many famous apprentices one after another, and offered tea in front of Wang Mingquan and his wife to show respect.The couple served the tea, symbolically drank the water and returned the cups.According to the video screen, there are more than 10 people gathered at the scene. The tables and sofas beside them are cluttered with coats, bags and other items, including bags of many luxury brands. The food plates and red wine on the table are also cluttered, and the scene looks very lively.After the last two apprentices finished worshipping, Wang mingquan and Luo Jiaying each drew a thick pile of red envelopes from their pockets and handed them to the apprentice who knelt before him.Wang Mingquan was also generous. Every time his disciple sent a blessing, Wang Mingquan would give a red envelope, looking very bold.Luo Jiaying and Wang Mingkui also appeared together before the flower farmers to buy flowers, two people said that they hope the flower farmers can sell flowers in bulk, two people dressed very low-key.The couple bought flowers every Spring Festival to add to the ritual, which shows that their married life is still full of fun and novelty. This is the secret of their love.Not long ago, Law and Wang prepared presents for the crowd at their mansion to celebrate the New Year, posing for a photo in front of a table full of presents.Luo jiaying cuddled wang Mingkui’s shoulder, her eyes full of love, wang Mingkui looked at the camera demurely, her body full of good feeling.Luo Jiaying and Wang Mingkui have been married for many years.No matter where they are, they always show up together, their eyes full of happiness and sweetness, accompanied by their loved ones.Wang has suffered from thyroid and breast cancer, but with her husband’s loving care and her own positive attitude, her positive approach to life has influenced many women.Now, Wang Mingkui does not compromise with the disease but meets it face to face and enjoys life with her sweet, sour, bitter and hot life attitude.Luo jiaying silently beside his wife, wish the two can continue to live a happy life.