The biggest betrayal in life is not others but oneself, how to self-repair, please remember three points

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Most of the time, we feel hurt by others in our lives, but most of the hurt is not from others, but from ourselves.The biggest betrayal in life is not others but yourself.When you feel hurt and want to be strong, remember three things.Most of the time, when we feel betrayed, the person we hurt most is not the other person but ourselves.We’re constantly attacking ourselves, thinking that we’re terrible, that we’re not worthy of love, that we’re too bad.When we constantly blame ourselves, we not only fail to resolve our problems properly, but we make our lives worse by blaming ourselves.When we constantly blame ourselves, we also make those around us worry more.There was once a student who, because of her divorce, always thought she was bad, but in fact, she was an excellent teacher in life and very popular with her students.But her husband and her divorce, she kept denying herself.Later, when she consulted me for restoration, I reguided her to look at this relationship and recognize it again. When she treated herself in the way of growth rather than criticism, she began to face up to her problems in marriage.In fact, the end of any relationship does not mean the problem is solved, and many times the damage from a relationship is never caused by cutting off the distance, as if nothing had happened.The real solution to the problem is to stop blaming yourself, but to learn to look at yourself, to see your own growth issues, to see the inner part of the need to cultivate, when you know that finding the right way, is the key to face betrayal and self-repair.People who love themselves never reflect too much on themselves. Instead, they use the observer’s perspective to see their own inner real needs and what their inner real voices and feelings are. Only by understanding their inner needs can they open up new possibilities for growth in life.We need to stop being so pua about ourselves and really learn to be quiet and feel our inner voice. This is the first step to self-healing.For more articles on self-growth and self-improvement, you can pay attention to my column, which helps you rebuild your inner strong self in the complex jungle world from multiple dimensions such as mentality, thinking, habits, interpersonal relationship and cognition.The second most important thing to learn if we want to repair our relationships is to learn to care for ourselves.In fact, most of the time, the hurt we feel is not from the outside, but from within.When you feel yourself being hurt, take a close look at your hurt and see if it’s real or if it’s just something you read too much into.The damage is to make a mountain out of a molehill, or they never know how to care about themselves, will lead to their own arbitrary trampled on by others.Learning to care for ourselves is the key to moving on from pain.When you understand that the ultimate concern in life is personal growth, you may be able to move on quickly instead of dwelling on past hurts.Learning to care for oneself is to take back the initiative of their own lives, is no longer wronged to please others, in return for others humble identity to build themselves.The essence of self-care is to see that your inner needs are essentially coming from you.We want others to love us, so we have to learn to love ourselves.We long for others to treat us well, so we might as well treat ourselves well first.Learning self-care is not about cutting connections and channels with others, but about paying too much attention to external reactions and learning to be self-satisfied and self-fulfilling.When we stop expecting others to love us, when we stop expecting others to meet our needs, and learn to be self-satisfied and self-fulfilling, our inner world becomes stronger and stronger.If we want to repair ourselves, the best way is not only to nurture and care for ourselves, but also to create our own life.When you learn to create your own life, you will be truly powerful inside.Creating the life we want is the greatest love we have for ourselves.Most of the time, we can forget about our own strength, we can forget about the life we want, and we can forget about what kind of life we really want.Don’t give up on your inner dreams, and don’t give up on the life you want.Learning to work hard and create is the best expression of our love for ourselves.Love yourself is not to let oneself be willing to mediocrity, learn to love yourself, is to know how to choose and choose their own life, more know how to do their own life, when you know how to continue to work hard and hard, your life will really develop.So never forget your own leadership and initiative, which is the root of our growth and life, but also the key to our ability to walk out of the ruins.Most of the time, we tend to underestimate their own strength, but when you really refuse to be responsible for their own time, you will find that truly responsible for their life, is the key to us out of the trough, out of those injuries, out of those shadows.We learn to rebuild ourselves, we learn to reinvent ourselves, we no longer place our hopes on others, but understand to continue to enrich and iterate ourselves in practice, our lives will be better and better.The most important thing in life is not to betray yourself, but to know how to continue to build their own life, your life will be more and more ambitious.Do you think the most important thing in life is not to betray yourself? 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