Teng County taiping town Hetang market on the prevention of centralized elimination of epidemic prevention work notice

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For further completes the epidemic prevention and control work, to protect people’s health and life safety, according to the epidemic prevention and control command superiors instructions spirit, decided upon by research in taiping digging market crowded public places concentrated area to carry out preventive xiaosha epidemic prevention work, will now matters related to notice the following: one, kill time:February 4-28, 2022, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm to 10pm.If any policy adjustment will be further notice.Ii. Scope of elimination: the area on the first and second floors of Taiping Hetang Market, and the streets around Hetang Market and other key public areas.3. Composition of disinfectant: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate disinfectant or chlorine dioxide disinfectant diluted according to the ratio of 1:500.Iv. Elimination mode: implement the combination of high-pressure fogging machine and vehicle spraying.V. Precautions: Disinfectants used in this epidemic prevention and elimination work are harmless to people, livestock, fish, birds, flowers and plants, and do not pollute the environment. Please actively cooperate with us, close doors and Windows, reduce going out, and put away goods and food that are hung in the air on the stalls and open balconies.And do a good job of personal protection, once the eyes, mouth, hands and other parts of the body contact with disinfectant, wash with water.We hereby inform you.Taiping Hetang Market Management Office February 4, 2022 Teng County Taiping Town people’s Government source: Wuzhou City Health Commission editor: Tang Ziyu review: Ou Dingwen produced: Teng County Taiping Town Committee teng County Taiping Town people’s Government submission email: tpzx666@126.com