Observation | Wuhan “Spring Breeze action” job fair even several enterprises recruitment demand continued to grow

2022-05-25 0 By

Hubei Daily news (reporter Yan Fangting, correspondent Jin Rui) On February 11th, Wuhan held a comprehensive job fair of “employment guarantee and employment promotion”. 19 enterprises, such as Huaxing Optoelectronics, Foxconn, Lenovo and SF Express, provided a number of high-salary excellent posts.In recent days, several recruitment activities of “Spring Breeze Action” have been carried out in Wuhan. The reporter’s visit found that at present, the labor market in Wuhan has a strong demand for workers, and the demand for enterprises to recruit people after the New Year continues to increase.”We need front-line workers in large numbers and there is no specific number limit as long as the requirements are met.”Mr. Xu, a recruitment officer of Huaxing Optoelectronics, said that the company had a large talent gap for technicians and technicians this year, and would participate in many offline job fairs.Recruiters, lenovo (wuhan) industry base is mainly for technical talent reserve cadres, technical society, foxconn (wuhan) industrial park listed product engineer, automation equipment development, IE engineers, and many other jobs, hubei suitable abundant speed luck plans to hire more than 1000 front-line Courier, Meituan take-out for riders hiring “cap”.”At present, many large enterprises in Wuhan are recruiting more than 2,000 people at a time, such as Tianma Microelectronics.”According to a person in charge of the Human resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuhan, the number of major factories recruiting this year is higher than last year, and leading enterprises start interviews on the sixth day of the New Year.”Now there are more employment opportunities in Wuhan, I believe I can find the right job this year.”Li Hong, a wuhan resident born in the 1990s, received a number of companies’ recruitment intention forms this morning and was ready for further interviews. “I went to several job fairs and found that many companies’ salaries were on the rise, which is a good trend,” she said.In the policy publicity area of the job fair, many college students queue up to get employment and entrepreneurship policy leaflets.The reporter saw that the complicated employment policies were classified into 13 cards, including graduates’ hukou, job-hunting and entrepreneurship subsidies, social security subsidies for flexible employment, etc., so that job seekers can quickly grasp the information of policies that interest them.At the recruitment site on the same day, Wuhan launched the 2022 employment policy publicity year.With the theme of “Employment policy benefiting people’s livelihood and helping families get employed”, 44 special publicity activities will be carried out throughout the year.During the activity, Wuhan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will publicize various national, provincial and municipal employment and entrepreneurship policies for employers, college graduates, flexible employment and other groups, and carry out activities such as employment director’s speech on policies, employment policies into enterprises, construction sites, campuses, communities and so on.Source: Hubei Daily