May you reap extraordinary happiness in your ordinary life

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Maru-chan: Today, my son and I went back to our hometown. We took out our tablet computer to play in the waiting room of the high-speed train. After checking in, we found that we forgot to take the tablet on the seat of the waiting room.We ran to the ticket barrier to ask, the staff said that there was indeed a blue tablet computer, said that someone had just picked it up and sent it, suddenly that lost the mood is very happy, at the same time, my heart is also very moved, also very warm.Feeling that this world really someone will pick up the money, the station people coming and going do not know who is the good Samaritan, I really want to thank the person who picked it up to say thank you to Ta, at this time can only silently hope Ta life peace and happiness.After that, the warmth in my heart was still there. Talking about it with my son, I said, “Look, someone picked up our things and gave them to us. After we picked up other people’s things, we must remember to give them to others.The most happy thing today is that I haven’t been home for a long time, and then I am very excited.Eating dinner and parents chat, after dinner in the afternoon, my father rode a motorcycle to take my mother and I to a very fresh air, sparsely populated a field to run, three people barefoot, walk in no cars, no one crossroads.To go back and forth for about 30 minutes, while walking and chatting, and then slowly blowing warm wind, very comfortable.I’m really happy. Why am I so happy?Maybe I didn’t get along with my parents in such a way when I went home before, so I think I can get along with my parents in such a way and get to know them more in the future.That way, you can live the same way with your younger brother and future boyfriend.But there was an episode today, and that was negative reflection.I also want to mention it here.The thing is when I just came back today, I saw my mother’s sister-in-law before, I should call aunt, see aunt and my mother suddenly become good.Before our two families are not compatible, last year is not compatible, this year I went back to see them two like two sisters, I suddenly not used to, but I also very sincerely for them two happy, can be reconciled is a good thing.Question, however, heard my mother in the afternoon and the bad, the big niang say another relatives said that relatives is very pick what of, I began to want to speak at this time, but in my mind a voice told me, this is their adult things, don’t tube so much I endure down at that time, until you go for a walk, when I remind her, said to see you in better relations with the big niang,This is a good thing, but I want to remind you, you do not tell everything to the aunt, in case the two people are not good, at that time she will tell you everything.When I found that I said this sentence, I began to feel guilty, guilty is to my aunt’s good to me, as a scheming, because she was not so good to me before, so I felt very guilty.I’m the kind of person who, when someone is mean to our family, and then suddenly nice to us, feels weird, like she’s here with some kind of agenda.So here to reflect, I also detect my own kind of prejudice with the psychology.On reflection, look at it from another perspective, even if they come with a purpose, they do get together.So, what is what, she is good to us, although I don’t know if it is really good, but she is really in front of us, so we accept it.* Author: Meatballs, fresh biscuits from Qinglian Port * Editor: Little assistant has no mashed potato to eat panpan