Intel 12 Generation Core Console WIN Max2Such a long

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GPD WIN Max 2 is finally coming to you!The design of GPD WIN Max 2 is amazing!1. First of all, it still inherits the full keyboard design of WIN Max, but it is a little bigger and thinner than WIN Max: 207 × 145mmWin Max 2:228 ×160 mm2, WIN Max 2 first uses 10.1-inch native landscape screen, super narrow bezel, default 1920×1200 resolution, maximum support 2560×1600, from now on, no longer for the old game portrait problem!3. In terms of memory, WIN Max 2 comes in 16GB and 32GB versions!4, Storage, WIN Max 2 built-in two M.2 NVMe 2280 slots, standard 1TB/2TB SSD two versions, the second slot can be self-expansion, double slots can be expanded to 16TB (Sabrent and Samsung launched 8TB versions), no capacity limit,Both support PICe Gen 4 SSD.5, in addition, the body provides SD and microSD slots, support SD 4.0 bus protocol SD card, read and write speed up to 300MB/s, the maximum capacity can be expanded to 2TB;The system supports an A2 microSDXC card with a read/write speed up to 160MB/s and a maximum capacity of 2TB.6. Built-in 4G LTE module supports full netcom.7, handle, rocker is still sunken design, but the use of innovative design of hall rocker, non-pole, super linear, no dead zone, support down, shoulder key using linear trigger key, double vibration motor, support gravity induction gyroscope, 3+3 six axis design.In addition, humanized design of two rocker LIDS, magnetic design, when not in use can cover the rocker, when playing, can absorb the lid on the back of the body.In addition, referring to WIN 3, added two mapping back keys.8. Built-in camera, designed in the same position as P2 Max;9, WIN Max 2 battery capacity is increased again, using 65Wh super capacity polymer lithium battery;10, WIN 3 same fan, ensure heat dissipation and mute;11, four speakers, surround sound;12, Thunder 4 + Type C dual interface, to ensure that the external video card dock, the body can be charged;13,3 USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports to ensure the expansion of various peripherals;14, QWERTY full keyboard design, support keyboard backlight, added a key overclocking key;16, the body adopts 6061 aluminum magnesium alloy, UNIBODY forming process;15, you care about the 12th generation processor, that must be Intel Core I7-1280p, large and small Core design, 14 cores, 20 threads, thank you!WIN Max 2 is not only a handheld game book, but also a powerful office laptop like no other!