Dongguan and Jiangmen send travel coupons to benefit the people, and Guangdong provides rich and colorful cultural tourism activities

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January 31 is the first day of the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Tiger. Under the premise of strictly implementing the prevention and control of the epidemic, Guangdong culture and tourism system jointly created high-quality online and offline holiday culture and tourism products, and provided the public with a variety of cultural tourism activities.According to information released by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, as of 15 PM on Jan 31, no major tourism safety accidents, major cultural and tourism complaints and COVID-19 reports have been received in the province.During the Spring Festival holiday, there will be no shortage of themed activities related to the Spring Festival, creating a strong festival atmosphere of Lingnan culture.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send foshan to “foshan holidays of the lingnan” as the theme, nearly 260 new text brigade huimin activity organization planning, elaborate four new brigade, fine lines, will the Spring Festival features, history and culture trails, natural ecology, such as rural amorous feelings of rural and urban characteristic resources together,Guide the general public to feel the atmosphere of the New Year.Huizhou has launched a series of activities, such as “New Year, New Voice, New Reading”, “Dragon and Tiger Reading”, “Happy New Year” and “Intangible Cultural Heritage, New Year, Year of the Tiger Blessing”, which have enriched people’s spiritual and cultural life.Zhanjiang to launch the Spring Festival “culture into” write Spring Festival couplets to send blessing culture huimin activities, carry out literary camp sympathy performances, “the Chinese dream home feeling” – local folk photography contest, “drunken beauty quintessence light” in the new knowledge correct activities, first of “the festival – the Spring Festival” knowledge science knowledgeable of all kinds of activities such as online classes, for the masses to provide high quality travel products.All scenic spots in Zhuhai are close to the theme of the Spring Festival.The new “sleeping Tiger Chimelong” palace lamp of Hengqin Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has made its debut. The 6-meter-high and 10-meter-long palace lamp is specially designed to lie on its side, implying “steady victory” and victory in the year of the tiger.During the Spring Festival, Zhuhai Haiquan Bay Resort offers free tickets for children to enjoy haiquan Bay for a limited time, and also offers various activities such as lion Dance and opening ceremony.While passing through various scenic spots in Shantou city, flower designs, lanterns, national flags and red flags are integrated with the scenic landscape to heighten the Atmosphere of The Spring Festival. Red lanterns are hung in the core scenic spots in Kakhi scenic Area, implying prosperity and letting visitors feel the beauty of the scenic area’s blessings.Chaozhou binjiang Promenade ancient city wall is decorated with lanterns and colorful lanterns arranged in a forest. Red lanterns and New Year flowers can be seen everywhere in archway Street, creating a thick festive atmosphere and providing a perfect place for people to spend their holidays during the Spring Festival in Guangdong.Online travel activities have been carried out throughout Guangdong this holiday to meet the needs of the masses for cultural travel.Guangzhou launched “Eternal Art” — a special evening performance in memory of the red Lineswoman and horse master, which attracted about 5000 people.Shanwei city held the online exhibition and broadcast of traditional lion dance “Good Beauty, Majestic Wind, Tiger and Lion To Welcome the New Year”, haifeng County White Character Opera to celebrate the New Year — online live broadcast of classic plays and Calligraphy art exhibition of The Spring Festival.Luhe County “Intangible Cultural Heritage Celebrating The New Year” — Luhe Lei Tea photography collection and online public welfare exhibition, digital Reading Promotion Spring Festival activity “Online Reading Classics to Celebrate the New Year” Spring Festival theme exhibition, etc.Dongguan launched nearly 30 online exhibition and site navigation, such as the museum of “cloud” launched the opium war museum display basic virtual roaming, virtual visit sites of cultural relics, such as online exhibition, launched “ancient” dongguan dongguan museum display basic, jade collection exhibition (such as online exhibition) or virtual online exhibition hall, show the audience the collection of cultural relics and historical materials,Tell the story of ancient Dongguan.Meizhou city held a series of online entertainment shows such as “The Hakka Happy Year of Nature” and “Welcome the Spring by Singing a Folk song” to show the citizens a happy year with rich guest flavor.Launch new text brigade huimin measures to effectively meet the demand of the masses travel during the Spring Festival, people life, promote during the Spring Festival travel consumption, on the premise of epidemic prevention and control work well the Spring Festival holiday, dongguan to play “happy tiger tiger, guan guan purchase” as the theme, online and offline, qi force fully open town village 242 style venues, organization planning 511 spring tour body huimin activities,Arrange 5 million yuan culture, tourism and sports general consumption coupons to provide a sumptuous festival feast for the public.Jiangmen jiang new personnel to provide for the general public and staying tourism benefits, create A good Spring Festival atmosphere, organize A level scenic spots, tourist hotel in the city and travel home stay facility in the city, millions of preferential benefit of le tour of wuyi, holidays, distributed by 100 tour Wan Yuanwen huimin vouchers, further release citizens tourist consumption potential, promote travel consumption.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | sun lei