When a dog is on his deathbed, it’s a silent goodbye.

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Most dogs live only a decade or so, usually at 7 or 8 years old, dogs are considered old.And as a dog gets older, when it feels like it’s running out of time, it does something to its beloved owner, and that’s how it says goodbye, but too many people don’t get it.01 Look at you for a long time, a long time with the owner of so many years, the dog is not willing to leave the owner, but what can be done?It had to be in a few time, see you two more eyes, eyes stay on you, lingering.Have you seen the movie “A Dog’s Errand”?Do you believe that dogs remember reincarnation?Perhaps, dogs like to look at their owners before they die, just to remember their appearance and, if possible, to be your dog in the next life.– “If there is reincarnation, I would like to remember your face and come back to you in my next life.”Perhaps the owner left it in a corner of the home, forgotten, but was found by a careful dog.When a dog gives something back to its owner, it’s like saying goodbye to you, and it’s worried that it won’t have a chance to give it to you again.’–‘ Careless master, forget no more things in my absence. ‘Some elderly dog, anticipating the end of his life, will “patrol” around the house, as if to do his last duty, he is worried that there will be no dog to protect his master when he is gone.While on patrol, the dog will rub against the sofa and walls in an attempt to leave a scent of his presence in the home.The older you get, the more clingy you become. The older dogs get, the more clingy they become.Owners can clearly sense that their dogs are more likely to follow them around and ask for a cuddle than they were when they were younger.In fact, this is your dog’s way of saying goodbye to you. He wants to spend more time with you, and he is worried that he will never have the chance to spend time with you again.Owners should be prepared if they find their elderly dog increasingly clingy.I want to be with you for the last few minutes. 05 Where To Lie QuietThe older dogs get, the less they like noisy surroundings.It will walk around looking for a better place to lie down and rest.If an owner notices that their dog has become quiet, realize that it may be saying goodbye to you.If there is too much noise in the house, the dog will walk to the front door, find a quiet place, and slowly wait for death. Some dogs will never return.”Tired, I want a quiet place, have a good rest.” When a dog gets older, its body function slowly degrades, and there will be big changes in all aspects. We can’t stop it from leaving, but what we can do is to take better care of it in its old age, which will help prolong its life.1. Give him a quiet environment, a comfortable kennel, and allow him to rest and maintain his strength.2. Take your dog for a walk when you are free, which will make him feel better and healthier.3. Properly add some nutrition to the dog, the old dog body nutrition loss is fast, usually can give it some sheep milk powder, good to drink and nutritious.4. The gastrointestinal function and digestive system of elderly dogs become worse, so more attention should be paid to the diet.The old dog needs to replace a good nutrition, easy to digest and absorb the dog food, will be more suitable for it.Choose dog food for old dogs, you can see the gelatinization degree of dog food, all dog food is inseparable from starch components, high quality and good absorption of dog food, starch gelatinization degree will be higher than 80%, and the higher the better, the dog eat easier to digest.Here will not expand this topic, interested pet owners, you can click the following “blue font”, to understand.Related article: “Learn to choose dog food, this points to see more” conclusion: how old is your dog this year?Welcome to the comments section of the comments ~ previous wonderful article: “Dog hair bad, how to choose lecithin?”