Shui PI: “talk about gold” the stock market is a siege

2022-05-24 0 By

Shuipi/text some resigned to return home, some starry night to rush the field.To be honest, the trend of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets today is more tangled.Say strong, dish but dive;Said weak, but high open high;It’s really a long story.The reason why there will be such a trend, Shui PI think is nothing more than to reflect a tangle of investors, this tangle and will soon have a certain relationship with the Spring Festival.Every holiday, short-term investors will face a choice, whether to hold money or hold a holiday?What Ukraine has done is give people the opportunity to hold their money.Now that stock markets are tumbling around the world, short-term investors have found a legitimate reason to get out.But Shupi also said that the Ukraine incident is likely to be an own goal, even if it is not an own goal and A shares have nothing to do with it.But yesterday’s drop, obviously a bit unexpected, 4,400 stocks down, is really rare.The four major securities newspapers are also more concerned about this, “Securities Daily” is published shuipi’s friend Dong Shaopeng wrote “stand up the backbone of A shares” encouraging article.Should speak today A shares or live up to expectations, although intraday diving, but the final high.K chart is very beautiful, not only erect back, and like an eagle wings about to fly, I hope today’s “V” shape pattern can bring us good luck.In addition to the coin holding and holding holidays this tangle, now the volume of the market is not a problem we can not avoid.Although the market closed higher today, the turnover even less than 800 billion.Shui PI said land quantity after land price, the most ideal is land quantity and land price appear at the same time.Mr. Shui said this once on Monday, and then was slapped in the face by the market.So now water skin also dare not make this kind of conclusion, but there is a point is unchanged, with the adjustment of some index stocks, the index and the bubble components of the stock more crowded more clean.This is not a time of crisis.A dip is a good opportunity for some short investors to get in on dips, especially in large-cap blue chips at low valuations.From a safety point of view, these low valuation of blue chips is a hedge function.So what are these plates?It’s just big finance.Today’s intraday leading “V” reversal of the hero is still big financial.Leading the way, of course, were the brokerages, who turned the index after 1:25 p.m.Guolian securities to limit, as if the entire brokerage plate is not a down, all red, the motherland a red.Cicc or at least 0.33%, the league is 9.99% maximum limit.Should speak at the critical moment, brokerage or play the role of the disc.Of course, only brokerage is not enough, insurance today also has a 0.78% plate increase, should be higher than the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, lower than the GROWTH enterprise market, today’s growth is 0.99%.The Shanghai Composite index rose 0.66 percent and the Shenzhen Component index rose 0.70 percent.Today, the bank’s rise is to fall, the afternoon, the bank as a whole plate has also risen 0.32% or so.Although the final close was only 0.08%, but guaranteed a red.So banks are not dragging their feet today, brokers are making the most of it and insurance is the backbone.In the last three days, the turnover has not been over a trillion, a big factor is water skin just said, near the holiday.I hope that yesterday’s and today’s movements actually mean that all the things that need to go have gone, and those that have not gone now will not go for the time being.In the next two days, I hope the market can slowly recover, slowly go well, to give everyone a happy Spring Festival.In particular, we need to remind you that the momentum of RMB appreciation is very obvious, and it has reached the stage of 6.3265.In the context of the continuous appreciation of the RMB, Shui PI feels that it is unnecessary to be too pessimistic about 2022, especially the view that Chinese asset prices are too low, and there is no need to be overly pessimistic.This year’s market water skin repeatedly said, is the first suppression after Yang.In the final analysis, the stock market is like a siege, whether holding coins, or holding stocks.Sometimes the coin holders want to come in and the stock holders want to go out, just to swap roles.Comment on a word: the stock market is a siege.Chief editor: Xu Yunqian Chief editor: Gong Peijia