Ningbo Zhoushan port “yunzhi gate” yard supervision system put into use

2022-05-24 0 By

March 31, from zhejiang, ningbo port group information communication of ningbo port of zhoushan port group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “mail tunnels) company independent research and development of” YunZhi brake “yard supervision system in beilun ningbo, ocean of lone star, the ruiyuan, allianz four LCL yard formally put into use, implements the customs for LCL shipments, digital supervision of” smart “,Opened a new visual era of customs supervision of LCL yard.YunZhi brake yard supervision system with the aid of “AI + image recognition technology, integrating recognition car number, container number with high precision, by adjusting the camera installation points and the trigger logic of recognition algorithm, to solve the crossing environment variable, camera installed the difficulties of inadequate conditions, implements the different vehicle brake environment, accurate identification of box.Set of CARDS in the gate, the system will identify to the car number, number of links with yard business systems, and access to information is sent to the customs check, inspection, supervision system to realize vehicle, avoid the original customs supervision mode need human intervention, on-site coordination for the inconvenience, to ensure the real-time and controllable yard business regulation.The coverage network of “Yunzhi Gate” yard supervision system in 4 LCL yards in Beilun is an active attempt of XINtong to promote intelligent gate system to assist customs supervision according to local conditions.By customizing the unified agreement, the R&D team realized the network coverage of all the storage yards with similar businesses but scattered sites and limited computer room environment, so as to achieve the unified custody of service resources, effectively improve the supervision efficiency of the customs and effectively guarantee the normal operation of the business.Since its trial operation on March 24, the system has been running smoothly, with a total of more than 1,100 vehicles inspected and released, and a comprehensive recognition rate of more than 95%.