Gold hold high gold dun dun, laugh like summer flowers!K Bao continuous mistakes cry, Trusova emotional loss

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K treasure continuing failure to cry last night, Beijing Olympic skating at the free women’s figure skating, from Russia’s valli “(K) the final appearance, under pressure, wali she seemed completely lost themselves, constantly mistakes in the game, the whole program happened three times fall and two times in foot failure, as a result,She scored 141.93 in the free skate and 82.16 in the short program for a total of 224.09, finishing fourth and missing out on a medal.At the end of her performance, Valieva was visibly wet and broke down in tears.Now the audience was on their feet, applauding and cheering for the 15-year-old.Wali “after helping Russia skating group gold medal, but in the” storm “doping, let her very pain, then, the international Olympic committee held a hearing on overnight, hearing is open from 9 PM to 4 am the next day, opened the full seven hours, K treasure to wait for seven hours, thankfully received the good news,The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ultimately ruled that Valieva could continue to compete in Beijing.However, as Valieva is still under suspicion, the ceremony will be cancelled if she wins next.In the figure skating short program, K Bao scored 82.16 points, ranking first, but in the individual free skating competition, she repeatedly made mistakes, only 224.09 points, ranked fourth, and failed to win a medal. Therefore, the Olympic Committee will not cancel the award ceremony.Maria Trusova, one of Russia’s three children, gave her all in the women’s singles free skating final, performing five quadruple jumps (a first for women) and there is no denying that this is the ceiling of women’s figure skating.Commentator Chen Lu was also shocked by Trutsova’s performance, saying that Trutsova’s performance was not from earth, she was from another planet, and her performance took women’s singles free skating to a new level.In the end, Trusova scored 177.13 in the women’s singles free skate and 74.60 in the short program for a total of 251.73.However, Trusova lost to teammate Serbakova by four points in the overall score, and ended up with a silver medal.After the race, Trusova was not satisfied with her silver medal. She said that everyone had a gold medal but she didn’t. She said she hated skating and didn’t want to accept the medal.When the coach tried to comfort trusova when she saw her losing her temper, she walked away.However, Trutsova calmed down and finally made it to the podium, but she did not show much emotion as she accepted the award.Of course, as the most difficult women’s figure skater, Trusova did not win the gold medal, so it is understandable that the mood.Gold hold high gold dun dun, laugh like summer flowers!Women’s figure skating final champion from Russia, one of the “three dolls” cher backus Eva (daughter), she is 80.2, and the performance in the short program after K treasure, in the women’s single free skating, cher backus Eva performance reached almost perfect, all the technical movement is almost zero error, she got 175.75, a total of 255.95 came to,He got the gold medal as he wished.After her high quality performance, Serbakova was also very happy, with a bright smile on her face, showing off like a summer flower, fascinating.Have to say, Serbakova’s movements, expressions are very verve, she used their perfect performance, so that all the audience are plaint, infatuated with it.Standing on the award stage, A smiling Serbakova, holding up gold dun dun, full of joy.Of course, sakamoto Hanori, who won the third place, was also smiling. Her technical difficulty was not high, but her performance was perfect and she was able to stand on the podium, realizing her dream.It can be said that the three podium girls, are deserved, their wonderful performance let everyone aftertaste endless, let everyone feel the charm of women’s skating.