Citic Prudential fund manager Gu Fanding New Year message

2022-05-24 0 By

Hello, I am Gu Fanding, fund manager of Citic Prudential.As far as investment is concerned, the past year has certainly been difficult: the domestic economy is slowing after a heady recovery, overseas markets continue to be overshadowed by the recurring coronavirus pandemic, global supply chains are under severe strain and inflation has risen to its highest level in more than a decade.In an environment of uneven economic recovery and high inflationary pressure, asset prices have diverged. We have made good returns on commodity assets, but it is still difficult to do so in emerging markets.We still face considerable challenges, with global economic growth likely to continue to slow while overseas supply chains remain fragile.At the same time, however, we are seeing more positive factors than in previous years: novel coronavirus is becoming less virulent, suggesting a continuing reduction in the impact on economic activity;Structural differentiation within the economy has begun to repair, and enterprises are expected to release vitality again.The normalization of overseas monetary policies has been gradually implemented, and uncertainties in asset pricing have decreased.Looking ahead to 2022, while smooth sailing is not guaranteed, many opportunities are emerging from the turning points of various issues.We firmly believe that as long as we continue to fulfill our duties diligently, we will make great achievements this year.We look forward to working with our investors to achieve satisfactory investment returns, and wish all investors a bright and prosperous New Year!Risk warning: This material is for reference only, not for fund promotion.The above views are only current views and do not represent future predictions, nor do they constitute any investment advice, nor do they necessarily constitute the basis for future investment decisions of citic Prudential Fund’s products.Citic Prudential Fund will not undertake any update obligation if it is no longer accurate or invalid due to changes in various factors after the release date.The information contained in this material is from publicly available information and CITIC Prudential makes no warranties as to the accuracy and completeness of such information.The copyright of this publication belongs to CITIC Prudential Fund. Without prior written authorization, no one is allowed to publish or copy the contents of this publication in any form.If quoted or published, the source shall be indicated as “CITIC Prudential Fund”, and any content in this publication shall not be deleted or modified contrary to the original intention.The fund does not guarantee certain profit, nor does it guarantee minimum return and principal security.Before investing, please carefully read the prospectus, product information summary and fund contracts and other legal documents.Investment is risky and should be chosen carefully.