Cars, motorcycles together out, two men walking through the streets to steal the dried meat at the door was arrested

2022-05-24 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, and many residents have already prepared their goods.It is certainly a sad thing if the carefully prepared New Year’s goods go missing.Recently, fengxian police arrested two thieves, who targeted people’s sausages drying in front of their homes. They were finally detained on suspicion of theft.On the afternoon of January 20, guangming police station of Fengxian Public Security Sub-bureau received a report from a resident surnamed Chen, who said that salted meat that had been exposed in her yard had disappeared.Chen said she spent hundreds of yuan buying pork chops and feet before the Spring Festival, carefully curing them into bacon and preserved pork, waiting for the Spring Festival, but unexpectedly disappeared.In the process of the police to understand the situation, and received another two residents home also encountered the same situation theft, stolen pickled products value from hundreds to thousands of yuan.After receiving a report, the bright police station immediately launched investigation on the case, and quickly locked a suspected motorcycle.Tracing the motorcycle, police recently in the city’s Songjiang district arrested suspected men Liu, Hu, and liu a car in the trunk found a large amount of pickled meat.According to two people account, due to the close of the New Year, see a lot of farmers like pickled meat products that year goods, then move up crooked brains.In order to facilitate the crime, two people a driving a motorcycle, from Songjiang fled to Fengxian, the car parked on the road, riding a motorcycle through the streets to implement the theft, then the theft proceeds with the car back to songjiang temporary residence, do not want to two people have not until the New Year to enjoy, was arrested by the police.At present, Liu mou, Hu Mou 2 people because of suspected larceny already been detained by criminal according to law, the case is still in further trial.