5 categories of people who can’t buy a home, high or low, and I hope you’re not one of them

2022-05-24 0 By

When the house price is rising, many people expect the house price to fall, and then expect it to continue to fall. When the house price stabilizes, they think it will soar.When buying a house, the focus is the price of the house, so hesitating all the time, will miss the desired house, in fact, and the attitude of buying a house also has a lot to do with.No matter the price is high or low, none of these five groups can buy a house.People first, the bottom has been want to buy a house, the discretion of the price is the most concern of the buyers, bottom prices really can save a lot of money, but buyers don’t know where is the bottom of the price of the house, can only be hesitant in the market, has been on the sidelines, when house prices decline, but also continue to fall, but the housing vagaries, perhaps waiting for waiting for the price,Miss the good time to buy a house, therefore is doomed to buy a house.Secondly, for those who do not choose houses specifically, everyone has different purposes. Some people buy houses for marriage, some for the elderly, and some for children. If the purpose is not clear, they do not know where to buy houses.Still have a part of person when buying a house to feel this is good that is good, still hesitate, have no pertinence, the purpose is vague, this kind of person can not buy a house.Third, some people who pursue perfection belong to perfectionists, and they naturally want to pursue perfection when buying a house, but the reality is impossible.As the saying goes, “No house is perfect, and if it is, the price must be beyond your reach.”If you want good teaching, it’s the old school district house.If you want to be cheap, there must be a lack of location and greenery.Some people choose to choose, want to be in the location, living environment and price of three aspects are perfect, so certainly is to buy a house.Fourth, once the person credit investigation is included in the blacklist of credit dishonesty, it not only has an impact on taking high-speed rail by plane, but also has a great impact on loans.If homebuyers have bad credit records, they will be directly rejected by the bank when applying for mortgage loans.While most ordinary people do not have the funds to buy a house, so, will never be able to buy a house.Fifth, the current housing price of people with unstable jobs is still high. For ordinary home buyers, it is impossible to buy a house with full payment, so a large number of people buy a house with loans. However, if they apply for a loan from a bank, they will be required to show the bank statement.Still have a few is freelancer, the bank can make evaluation alone commonly, if a few proof cannot be submitted, cannot apply for loan.Even if it is successful, the pressure is also very big, once the monthly supply is not up will be broken, so it is likely to be lost.The market is constantly changing, and for those who just need to buy a house, it is recommended that the sooner the better to buy a house, after all, it is just a matter of time.However, the above five types of people no matter the price is high or low, whether it is just needed, buying a house is very difficult, I sincerely hope without you!