The “crossover warriors” on the field are constantly refreshing China’s speed

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China’s Zhao Dan and Li Yuxi ranked 9th and 14th respectively in the women’s skeleton bobsled final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Saturday night.After the race, Zhao Dan showed a bright smile, looked at the camera and shouted “China!”.At this moment, they have made history – this is the first Chinese women skeleton bobsleigh Olympic “report card”.Yan Wengang of China won the bronze medal in men’s skeleton bobsled on Sunday, making it the first Time for a Chinese athlete to win the Olympic podium in this event.There was no doubt that they swooped down and galloped down the Snow Dragon track.This rush, out of the “China speed”, out of the confidence and vitality of Chinese youth, but also out of the Chinese ice and snow sports leapfrog development call.The steel frame snowmobile with a speed of 120-135 kilometers per hour originated in Europe and itself is synonymous with “extreme” and “adventure”.The China Skeleton Snow team was officially formed after Beijing won the bid for the 2015 Olympics.There is no track, we build our own;No snowmobile, we developed our own;No talent, we cross the border to recruit.Starting from scratch, China’s steel-frame bobsleigh has gone “like lightning” all the way, leaving China’s footprints on the world’s highest podium in just over six years. The Chinese delegation has achieved “zero breakthrough” in 35 winter events.The development and expansion of China’s snow and ice “new force” has witnessed the fearless determination of the athletes to face the difficulties.Zhao Dan, just over 19 years old, was a long jumper four years ago. When the opportunity came, she made a decision quickly and resolutely joined the steel frame snowmobile, a “brave game”.Li Yuxi, who also entered the sport from track and field, also chose this single event to challenge his limits.Faced with a completely unfamiliar field, Yan Wengang, a “transfer student”, was bruised all over his body at first because of his unskilled movements.You may not expect that about one-fifth of the Athletes in the Chinese delegation came from cross-sport athletes, and nearly half of the snowsports came from cross-sport athletes.Abandoning the comfort zone of small achievements and stepping into the unknown to challenge themselves, these “slash youth” are not only extreme warriors who dive and jump in the stadium, but also pioneers who climb up and down in the snow and ice exploration.Now, their efforts are bearing fruit in a new world, which is the best reward for the “crossover warriors”.As China’s “new power” of ice and snow has emerged in the Winter Olympics, Chinese athletes are now competing in many events that used to be out of reach.Huang Yebo and Peng Junyue, the first Chinese two-man bobsled team to compete in the Winter Olympics, ranked 17th.Bi Ye became the first Chinese man in the history of the Winter Olympics to participate in the parallel giant slalom snowboarding event, ranked 22nd.Li Xin and Liu Rongsheng won 33rd and 38th place respectively in women’s cross-country skiing and men’s double pursuit, creating the best result in the history of the Winter Olympics for Chinese athletes in their respective events…Stories like this one about making history and filling gaps are being played out every day at the Winter Olympics.3, 9, 14, 17, 22, 33, 38……These numbers are not only the achievement, but also the eternal moment of Chinese ice and snow people’s indomitable struggle.Every small step they take will eventually add up to a big step in the development of ice and snow sports in China.Source: CCTV news client