Life is short, make the most of it

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Yangtze Daily wuhan client on April 3 (reporter Liu Chenwei correspondent Yan Mingfeng) in the Changleyuan cemetery in Wuhan, the film sculptor Du Hongping often sits for a whole day.Knee against the marble, you could feel the cold stone. Du Hongping stared at the photo affixed to the stone. Left hand gently pressed the stone to stabilize the drill head, right hand clenched the chisel, and thrust the drill head onto the stone with a sound of “bang, bang, bang”.Every day, Du works for more than 10 hours in a dull voice until the faces of the dead appear before his eyes.In order to make his works more vivid and achieve a lifelike effect, he used to store his photos in his mobile phone early. Whenever he had time, he would take out the photos to enlarge them and observe them carefully.In cemeteries across Wuhan, he has carved tens of thousands of tombstones with the faces of the dead.After the Spring Festival, Du Hongping will gradually busy, qingming, but also to pinch the time to rush.Just before 7 a.m., he set off from his residence, which is often in remote areas and can take an hour or two each way by car.He didn’t get home until after 8 p.m.When I met him at the cemetery on Sunday, he was sculpting a middle-aged woman. His family members wanted to finish the sculpture before the Tomb Sweeping day.On April 2, Du Hongping was carving a dead person’s tombstone bit by bit.Photography carving is a meticulous door, to use nearly three pounds of king Kong chisel constantly chisel the stone, let the stone left white or gray, different shades of small spots, so as to form a portrait.The reporter picked up the chisel and found that it was almost impossible to chisel accurately and quickly on the SLATE.”To paint on stone, only a slow hand can do the work.” Du hongping first “carved” the face of the dead in his heart, which wrinkles are deeper, which side of the face is more touching…He had a chisel in his mind, using the chisel repeatedly to draw the outline of the portrait, continued to chisel the head, and finally the light and dark lines to show the expression.When finished, the family members of the deceased walk around the tombstone, look at it from different angles, and finally nod their heads.Du Hongping then slowly stood up with his waist, this was his most fulfilling moment.Du Hongping from fujian quanzhou, graven images is an arts and crafts, minnan region developed mainly in image, palm red solid color such as black granite carvings, stone should first after grinding and polishing, according to the theory of black and white light imaging, use special alloy steel head tool, using the wrist adjustment of needle point density thickness, depth and the change of the dotted line, eventually carved into the image.Du Hongping was fond of painting when he was young. After graduating from junior high school, he came into contact with shadow carving. During the three years of his apprenticeship, he studied closely with his master and practiced carving family portraits on waste stones at night.Du hongping is introverted and likes to be quiet, so it is not difficult to practice “sitting gong”. However, if he repeatedly knocks for a long time and does not wear gloves for a few days, his fingers will grind up blood bubbles, and after a long time, they will form thick cocoons.After graduation, he began to make landscape carving, but he always aimed at the top level of the industry – figure carving.After more than a year in the industry, from landscape carving, clothing to portrait.Our family members could not help crying. We had to grind two chisels from Du For 20 years at least once a month.In addition to his tools, he used to carry a large umbrella, which was very useful in the rain, snow and sun, when he sat all day in the open cemetery.Squatting or sitting for a long time, knees against rocks, his joints are not good, the work is also great damage to his eyes, staring at a place for a long time will feel dizzy.Du hongping communicates with his family about the details of the face carving.Changjiang daily reporter dong-dong hu intake line for more than 20 years, love Du Hongping no reduction, family members communicate often could not help but cry, he is always to listen, but don’t take the initiative to ask about the story of the dead, “don’t want to recall their sad”, only ask, what is the dead loved flowers and plants landscape, in order to design the background for each other.In his understanding, as a sculptor, to restore the face of the dead as far as possible, so that family members harvest comfort.His family members often accompanied him to carve and communicate with him while making. Because of the vivid depiction of his works, some of his family members could not help crying when seeing them. “This is recognition for me, but it also makes people feel mixed feelings.”Du hongping recalls that when he first came to Wuhan 20 years ago, the city’s film carving market was still blank.At first, he could only finish a few works a year. Since 2006, he cooperated with Changleyuan to depict statues for celebrities. Because of his excellent technology, more and more people found him under the introduction of relatives and friends.A hundred years from now, they’ll all be antiques that can take hours for a small sculpture to days for a large one.I have to work overtime to finish urgent orders.The cemetery usually finishes work around 3:30 p.m., and sometimes he has to work late into the evening or even later. “I work with a flashlight, but I feel that the quietness allows people to work in peace.”Stone carving has very high requirements for arm strength and wrist strength. Besides work, in addition to painting, he will do muscle training in the gym.On April 2, Du Hongping was carving a dead person’s tombstone bit by bit.During his career, Du hongping has portrayed many celebrities, including crosstalk artist Xia Yutian, writer Bi Ye and singer Chen Lin.In changelyland, guo Yukun, a famous Peking Opera actor and the “Southern Monkey King”, completed the tombstone carving.In order to complete the work, in addition to repeatedly communicating with his family members to select photos, Du searched materials to learn about the life of the master, so that he could be more emotional when creating.To doesn’t care about the dead, famous or not, because “every piece is filled with the memory of the living”, and he wants to use his hands to give soul to his images.In China, engaged in portrait carving industry, less than 100 people, Du Hongping said that learning at least three years, after learning to stand loneliness, love, to do well.Now, not many young people are willing to join the industry, and some choose to change their careers.He told reporters that the film carving is an intangible cultural heritage and hopes to be passed on.Each sculpture is a precious and unique piece of art that Du values. “After 100 years, they will be antiques.”After listening to the stories of different people who passed away, Du felt more deeply about life and death. “Life is short, so cherish every day and everyone in front of you.”For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.