In full swing!The second phase station of Rail transit Line 16 is under construction

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Since the Spring Festival holiday, construction sites of wuhan metro have been working hard.After the festival, continued to increase manpower, equipment input, strive for a “good start”.Recently, the reporter came to the construction site of The Second phase of Wuhan rail transit Line 16, Xingfuyuan Road station. The builders are accelerating the civil engineering work of pile foundation, cap pier and column, striving to complete the construction target according to the requirements of the construction period.At 15:30, in the happiness park road subway station, pile machines, excavators, cranes and other 20 sets of equipment busy.Xu Chaozheng, the post-90s foreman, led the workers to bind steel bars, pour concrete and install formwork in no. 1 and No. 2 cap and pier column foundation pits.According to Xu chao, more than 60 workers were arranged to work from 7 o ‘clock to 24 o ‘clock.Rail transit line no. 16 second happiness garden road station subject team forman Xu Chao told reporters: “today is a day, to complete the concrete pouring 120 cubic, installing 200 square template, reinforcing bar colligation 40 tons, in order to ensure the time limit for a project node requirements, implement two shifts, accelerate the project construction, and compared with the past, the same quantities save two or three days.”It is understood that the second phase of rail transit Line 16 starts from xingcheng Avenue station east of the intersection of Shamao Avenue and Weihu South Road. The route is southeast to northwest, along the middle of the current Shamao Avenue road, and ends at Zhoujiahe Station of the first phase of line 16, with a total length of 4.22 kilometers, all using elevated laying.It includes “two stations and three sections”, such as Fuxingyuan Road station, Xingcheng Avenue Station, Zhouxing Section, Xingxing Section and Xingcheng Avenue turning line section.The line runs through the General Aviation Industrial Park, along which there are geely, Xiaopeng, AVIC lithium battery and other new energy industry projects.During the Spring Festival, 300 people remained in the second phase of line 16, and now the number of staff has increased to 676. A total of 60 sets of various equipment are working day and night, and the pile foundation operation stage has been fully entered. Nearly 200 60-meter-long pile foundations have been completed.”The second phase of Line 16 mainly serves the local general aviation industrial park and will play an important role as a transportation hub in the future,” Zhou Gejun, the first-level project manager of wuhan Metro Group construction headquarters, told reporters.The opening of the line will strengthen the close connection between Hannan and wuhan’s main urban area, and make Hannan district integrate into the overall development pattern of Wuhan.”It is reported that the construction of wuhan rail transit line 16 phase ii, Qianchuan Line, Line 12, Line 19 and other 10 lines under construction more than 50 sites are in full operation, more than 7,000 subway builders are working hard to make a “good start” of the New Year.Produced by: Propaganda Department of Wuhan Economic development Zone Work Committee, Wuhan Economic Development Zone Finance Media Center Source: Wuhan Radio and Television Station editor: Lu Zuolu, Jiang Qiuyu produced by Wang Ya